Hello Monday.

My weekend looked a lot like this which was wonderful (Saturday afternoon, my mom, sister and I met for lunch at a great new place downtown that specializes in football food and fun). And then I stayed up way past my bedtime last night … to finally finish rewatching season one of Gilmore Girls (21?!?!!! episodes – my how TV has changed…). yeah, there’s no way I’m going to finish rewatching the entire seven seasons before Friday. at this point, I’m simply gonna skip to season seven and hope for the best. And I set the knitting aside around episode … Continue reading Hello Monday.

Scenes from My Monday.

…and whew! It was a day full of my favorite things – cooking (vegetable enchiladas), a morning walk to the lake, coffee (twice!), helping a student through her very first steek (!!! it went great!), a little crafting, my two favorite boys and – of course – a blog post. My day has not – so far anyway – included pulling together the to-do list and shopping lists for my mom’s upcoming visit and the multitude of gatherings we have planned. Thinking that last cup of coffee – the one that Charlie helped me make – is gonna come in … Continue reading Scenes from My Monday.