Looking Back | July.

“Just, it’s kinda fraught and I’m not up for frought.” ~Stacey Swann, Olympus Texas I snorted when I read that line a few weeks ago. Fraught is just such a great word, isn’t it? (especially when paired with “y’all” … which would’ve been inserted before that “I’m” if I’d been the one speaking 😉 ) and it seems so perfect to describe this month … starting to get out a bit more and then BAM! Delta variant … and for me, knee injury, and for others, a host of different things. and then … I look back at these photos. … Continue reading Looking Back | July.

Looking Back | June.

“We are our stories. We tell them to stay alive …” ~Niall Williams, History of the Rain My first thought when I saw these 30 photos, all compiled into one place was that it didn’t look at all like COVID. There are people (friends Charlie on the 3rd and Deena on the 24th) who aren’t in my family bubble up close (unmasked). There’s evidence of a long-awaited haircut (on the 4th), multiple trips to the library, two coffee dates (one with with me and a book on the 9th and another with Deena on the 24th), and a trip to … Continue reading Looking Back | June.

Looking Back | May.

“So new to the city, I remember wanting to photograph everything in sight. It was during my first few months that I began to sharpen my eye and appreciate the extraordinary findings in life’s everyday moments. In many ways, I was like a photograph myself, coming into focus, developing not just my art, but my life.” ~ Renée Rosen, Park Avenue Summer Ah May … what a treat it was to look out and see people (unmasked), along with plenty of blue skies and early summer blooms … and books. so many books! Every single one of those everyday moments … Continue reading Looking Back | May.

Looking Back | April.

“Seeing is a form of pure being unlike watching or looking at. Seeing is why we’re here.”  ~ Anne Lamott, Dusk Night Dawn I’m trying to be more intentional about this daily photo habit … so it tells a true story. Thinking about these photos capturing what I see, instead of what I’m just looking at has been helpful. I even managed to get pieces of myself into 13 of those photos! It helps that I’m taking weekly photos of my book/manicure pairings right now. and that also upped the book representation. Books show up eight times and knitting/crochet six … Continue reading Looking Back | April.

Looking Back | March.

“…every year, you’re all, ‘March! This is going to be great! Start of spring!’ But it’s definitely not, right? Because there will be a weird, freak snowstorm, and it’s like winter’s started all over. Unexpected things happen in March.” ~ Kate Clayborn, Love Lettering Of course here in Georgia, March is the start of spring … and this year it also included Third Winter and ushered in a Fourth (which actually began overnight on the 31st to welcome in near record breaking lows for April). Weather aside, we got our first vaccine shots; and I felted a sweater (totally on … Continue reading Looking Back | March.

Looking Back | February.

This month makes 12 – a full year – COVID-19 looking back posts. February 2020 was the last one I wrote pre-COVID and I thought it would look a lot different than this year. The cherry trees and daffodils bloomed earlier last year, but the amaryllis didn’t. There’s plenty of knitting and books. and then I saw that group photo – my mom, SIL, sister, me, and Holly on Sunday the 16th. We had gathered at my mom’s for our second “cookbook club”. and that was the last time we did that – both cookbook club and that kind of get-together. Fortunately … Continue reading Looking Back | February.

Looking Back | January.

I know January felt like a very long month for most of y’all. Here, though, Sara didn’t fly back to England until the 13th. The first half of the month felt like “late-December”, so only the last half of the month was January. I’m pretty sure the secret to January is that it needs to be just two weeks long!I’ve been taking these daily photos pretty much forever; and still, every single month when I compile them into a single view, I am awed – and often delighted – by the story they tell. I see books and knitting (of … Continue reading Looking Back | January.

Looking Back | December.

When I shared last month’s Looking Back post (on December 17) I commented that November already seemed like years ago. I’m getting this month’s review posted a little sooner and still … I guess December really was “last year” 🙂 I continued the weekly diptych on Tuesdays; it’s a fun way to tell a story. Also, I’m surprised that none of the daily photos explicitly show the total chaos that was our house for the first two weeks when the painting happened, or the third week when we cleaned up and put everything back together. But I can see a … Continue reading Looking Back | December.

Looking Back | November.

Hello friends and happy Thursday! I finally managed to compile my looking back collage and wow, is it just me, or does November already seem like ages ago?! Seeing all the photo together, I’m struck – yet again! – by all the blue! Inspired by Emily P. Freeman, I started taking a Tuesday self-portrait/diptych – one photo looking down and one looking up – both photos from the same place. Thankful for my three times (at least) daily walks with Holly so my photos aren’t of the floors and ceilings in my house. I’m going to try to continue those … Continue reading Looking Back | November.

Looking Back | October.

It’s been 33 days since my last Looking Back post and it feels like at least a year has passed. It also feels like four years since I’ve had a really good night’s sleep. maybe tonight. at least I’m feeling ready to dive back into things … and this post is a great way to start!Back in July, I wrote about being grateful for a lovely space to call home. October confirmed all of that. along with a special gratitude that Katie and her family are part of our bubble. I didn’t go anyplace new last month (gosh, when was … Continue reading Looking Back | October.