Looking Back | March.

“…every year, you’re all, ‘March! This is going to be great! Start of spring!’ But it’s definitely not, right? Because there will be a weird, freak snowstorm, and it’s like winter’s started all over. Unexpected things happen in March.” ~ Kate Clayborn, Love Lettering Of course here in Georgia, March is the start of spring … and this year it also included Third Winter and ushered in a Fourth (which actually began overnight on the 31st to welcome in near record breaking lows for April). Weather aside, we got our first vaccine shots; and I felted a sweater (totally on … Continue reading Looking Back | March.

Looking Back | February.

This month makes 12 – a full year – COVID-19 looking back posts. February 2020 was the last one I wrote pre-COVID and I thought it would look a lot different than this year. The cherry trees and daffodils bloomed earlier last year, but the amaryllis didn’t. There’s plenty of knitting and books. and then I saw that group photo – my mom, SIL, sister, me, and Holly on Sunday the 16th. We had gathered at my mom’s for our second “cookbook club”. and that was the last time we did that – both cookbook club and that kind of get-together. Fortunately … Continue reading Looking Back | February.

Looking Back | January.

I know January felt like a very long month for most of y’all. Here, though, Sara didn’t fly back to England until the 13th. The first half of the month felt like “late-December”, so only the last half of the month was January. I’m pretty sure the secret to January is that it needs to be just two weeks long!I’ve been taking these daily photos pretty much forever; and still, every single month when I compile them into a single view, I am awed – and often delighted – by the story they tell. I see books and knitting (of … Continue reading Looking Back | January.

Looking Back | December.

When I shared last month’s Looking Back post (on December 17) I commented that November already seemed like years ago. I’m getting this month’s review posted a little sooner and still … I guess December really was “last year” 🙂 I continued the weekly diptych on Tuesdays; it’s a fun way to tell a story. Also, I’m surprised that none of the daily photos explicitly show the total chaos that was our house for the first two weeks when the painting happened, or the third week when we cleaned up and put everything back together. But I can see a … Continue reading Looking Back | December.

Looking Back | November.

Hello friends and happy Thursday! I finally managed to compile my looking back collage and wow, is it just me, or does November already seem like ages ago?! Seeing all the photo together, I’m struck – yet again! – by all the blue! Inspired by Emily P. Freeman, I started taking a Tuesday self-portrait/diptych – one photo looking down and one looking up – both photos from the same place. Thankful for my three times (at least) daily walks with Holly so my photos aren’t of the floors and ceilings in my house. I’m going to try to continue those … Continue reading Looking Back | November.

Looking Back | October.

It’s been 33 days since my last Looking Back post and it feels like at least a year has passed. It also feels like four years since I’ve had a really good night’s sleep. maybe tonight. at least I’m feeling ready to dive back into things … and this post is a great way to start!Back in July, I wrote about being grateful for a lovely space to call home. October confirmed all of that. along with a special gratitude that Katie and her family are part of our bubble. I didn’t go anyplace new last month (gosh, when was … Continue reading Looking Back | October.

Looking Back | September.

What a difference a month can make. I wrote my August Looking Back post just before heading next door to share a totally spontaneous girls night out by my neighbor’s pool. just four of us – very comfortably distanced, catching up, it felt like a game changer (September 2 – popcorn and and an adult beverage). Sara arrived a few days later and then I started playing tennis. Three things. I know one of them was HUGE (still not sure Sara’s gonna brave the travel for a Christmas trip) and we reclaimed our bubble with Katie and her family. and … Continue reading Looking Back | September.

Looking Back | August.

Wow, August kind of kicked me in the backside. and again, I’m really grateful for this daily photo habit because otherwise I’d be looking back at a fog of days that ran together spent mostly at home and lonely, combined with seemingly endless heat and humidity (broken by violent thunderstorms that put a shaking Holly into my lap on many evenings), and nights that brought little rest and strange dreams. I am happy to have these 31 images (plus a few more – see below), to add to that story. both are true. and ♥. 1. What am I celebrating? … Continue reading Looking Back | August.

Looking Back | July.

I’ve been saying for months that I wanted to Look Back before I said Hello. This month I finally managed it, and whoa, I can see the benefit. We’ve now been “at home” for four full months and this month really showed it. Save one Saturday (the 11th) on my sister’s porch and the four Sunday runs to the lake, every other photo was taken within less than 100 feet of where I’m sitting right now – and 15 of them were in the same room! wow. In Before Times, I would’ve made a goal to broaden my world. Today, … Continue reading Looking Back | July.

Looking Back | June.

Last month’s Look Back was late and I’m happy to be sharing this one to meet (barely) my “in the first week” commitment. Whew! It certainly gives the practice a different focus, which admittedly this month also feels partly due to the looking back that prompted Sunday’s post. Still, the lens of these daily photos always adds a fresh perspective. I love those five rows of Monday/Tuesday with the little boys. the lake views from my Sunday morning runs. the magnolias. porch time at my house and my sister’s. some knitting (and even some crochet). one fabulous sunset. and one … Continue reading Looking Back | June.