Choosing Thanks.

I’ve had a version of this post knocking around in my brain since Tuesday. I spent most of that day prepping the food we’ll be sharing with Katie and her family this afternoon. Much of this year’s menu is new-to-us (Thanksgiving dinner is, for us, not about traditional dishes, and still, all about good food); the only thing I’m making for “not the first time” is cranberry sauce. Thanks to Sara’s great notes it turned out perfectly (also, the new not-a-le-creuset has now cooked a lot more than popcorn!) Before I started cooking, I printed out this year’s menuand all … Continue reading Choosing Thanks.

Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.

Hello friends, welcome to a post that feels weird to write, and hopefully, not too weird to read. The photo below is me. Friday morning at 7:10am. voting early in our June 9 primary. at our local library. whoa.Memorial Day Weekend is typically a family gathering time for us. seriously, years. and for a host of reasons I knew this year would be different and hard, but y’all. My Instagram feed has thrown up posts from past years, which mostly made me sad, and geez. Katie kindly shared the playlist she compiled for our time together last year and I’ve … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.

A Very Merry Christmas.

I realized on Friday that I had three more posts I wanted to share before the new year and I decided to go for it even though it would mean posting on the weekend. First up is a recap of our Christmas. I loved sharing the Christmas Eve service at my church with my brother and his family. I commented to Lydia (my SIL in case you’re new to the family relationships here) on the way out that I’m sure I take my church for granted. The lovely sanctuary, caring clergy, beautiful music ministry, thoughtful liturgy (with underlying thoughtful theology) … Continue reading A Very Merry Christmas.

Merrying Along.

Happy Friday my friends! I checked off the last thing on my to-do list this morning and then enjoyed a delightful two hours with my small group over brunch and the last chapter of Names for the Messiah … not at the church … … with a surprise visit from the three-month old granddaughter of our hostess (I’m sure you can pick her out!) We have one more party this weekend (Katie is hosting a little Hanukah dinner Sunday evening) and that’s it for a few days. It does seem like December has been one L-O-N-G party and today have a … Continue reading Merrying Along.

Thanksgiving Weekending.

Hello friends! I hope y’all enjoyed a lovely long weekend, maybe with delicious food and good company and then time to pause and give December a warm welcome (thankfully without snow)? Yep, that was how we did it around here! We celebrated Thanksgiving with Katie and her family and my mom (aka “Gramma”). Katie sets a lovely and very kid (and grown-up kid)-friendly table! The pilgrim hat placecards made another appearance, much to everyone’s delight. Some of us wear our hats better than others 😉 We also colored turkeys. Charlie won the prize for most realistic. and also best post-coloring … Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekending.

July 4th Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! …especially after what was – for us! – a FIVE DAY weekend. Yep, we left for the lake early Wednesday and enjoyed a very full day and night there with Katie and her family before driving home Thursday afternoon. I shared three of my favorite photos from the trip with y’all on Friday. Here are a few more …and – of course – a video (36 hours collapsed into about that many seconds) whoa, no wonder we were tired 😉 The pool, the grounds, s’mores, fireworks, and of course the lake … the Ritz does … Continue reading July 4th Weekending.

Cheers | to Summer.

We are home – and Marc is on the golf course. I haven’t enjoyed this kind of quiet … in a few days. It’s been wonderful to scroll through the dozens of photos and seconds of video from our quick getaway and remember how much fun it was. I promise more on Monday, but for now, how about a few favorites from our “family photos by the lake” on Wednesday evening. First – because this just cracks me up – an outtake of the boys as we were warming upCharlie has obviously been practicing his “ROAR” face … and Sam … Continue reading Cheers | to Summer.

Memorial Day Weekending.

Hello, friends! I’m just resurfacing after a long weekend full of fun and family* … and it’s good to be back here! My folks started a family weekend getaway tradition years ago (before some of the grandkids who have now all graduated college were even in school) and it’s adapted over time … where we go (closer is better), when we go (Memorial Day seems to be the favorite), accommodations (we like to be close together – a single house is great!) … and these past few years, my mom has been fine-tuning that last piece. Now that the grandkids … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekending.

Easter Weekending.

The weekend started out much the same as usual. Friday night snacks with a little knitting and – woot! – the latest season of Bosch on Amazon Prime. Holly is still not quite used to me being home. Normally she cuddles up to Marc … but when I’m gone, Marc tells me she sleeps by my pillow. absence makes the heart grow fonder?! Saturday was pretty typical, too. The day began with a drizzle, proceeded to sewing and ended with our “nice dinner at the table”. This week it was roast pork loin, green beans, corn on the cob, sweet … Continue reading Easter Weekending.

Sometimes Mondays.

…make you smile. Especially when you spend Sunday afternoon with a few of your favorite people, a table full of snacks, a pitcher of holiday sangria and dozens (and dozens) of homemade cookies to share. and everyone gets into taking photos. My sister hosted us this year, which means she was in charge of the lebkuchen. She made the dough the day before and yesterday we rolled it out really more like patting – it’s sticky! (of course Charlie thought that was huge fun) – baked it, iced it, and eventually cut it into pieces to share.And that’s the only … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.