I saved the best for last. Today’s dive into gratitude is about family. All of my extended family – save a niece in Nashville and a nephew in Washington DC – live here in Atlanta. We haven’t had the whole family together since 2019, and it likely won’t happen this year, but 2022 shows promise. I’m especially fortunate to have family who are friends. I love getting together with these three ladies (my sister Karen on the left, my mom, and my sister-in-law Lydia on the right). We haven’t found a post-pandemic rhythm to our gatherings, but we are getting … Continue reading Family.

Fiction Matters.

In this week’s dive into Choosing Gratitude, I’m sharing about Fiction Matters, hands down my favorite bookish place on the internet. Sara started her Instagram account over six years ago and added a Patreon last August. The Patreon includes a monthly bookclub (with a “Bookclub Kit” from Sara that includes discussion questions, author interviews, and reviews, plus a discussion on Zoom – because there are members around the globe, she offers two meeting times each month and some folks attend both), a podcast from Sara about what she’s read/reading, a monthly Bibliobrunch where members share book recommendations with each other … Continue reading Fiction Matters.

A Morning Walk.

In this second dive into Choosing Gratitude, I’m sharing about a morning walk. I walk nearly every morning, and lately, it’s been mostly by myself; my schedule is a bit out of synch with Marc and Sara’s and I’m choosing to see the walk as some necessary introvert time. I’m grateful to these walks for getting me outside and moving, showing me the beauty of the season, and giving me an uninterrupted hour to listen to a book. The photos in this post were all captured on morning walks in the last week. Autumn has been glorious this year, and this … Continue reading A Morning Walk.

Dark Early Quiet Time.

Last November, I wrote a post about Choosing Thanks that was part of of my decision to choose this year’s OLW and the intention of “more gratitude”. In the last few months, as I’ve been focusing on how my word and my intentions have intersected, I decided November would be the month I shared about choosing gratitude. I also figured I should do a few posts, maybe weekly? (anyone remember Thankful Thursday?) and I settled on four Thursday posts. Long-time readers likely know I journal five things I’m grateful for at the close of every day’s journal entry. You might also … Continue reading Dark Early Quiet Time.

Choose | June 2021.

Another month has flown by and once again it’s time to check in with my OLW. This month I’m revisiting gratitude. I’ve written about gratitude before (a LOT!) It was my OLW in 2008 and that year I made a little book and started filling one page a week with short, almost daily entries. The pages are filled with mostly little things about work, family (Katie was in college, Sara was in high school, and Marc traveled a lot), friends (including family who are friends), and crafting. I traveled a bit, too – mostly for work, and sometimes to see … Continue reading Choose | June 2021.

Choosing Thanks.

I’ve had a version of this post knocking around in my brain since Tuesday. I spent most of that day prepping the food we’ll be sharing with Katie and her family this afternoon. Much of this year’s menu is new-to-us (Thanksgiving dinner is, for us, not about traditional dishes, and still, all about good food); the only thing I’m making for “not the first time” is cranberry sauce. Thanks to Sara’s great notes it turned out perfectly (also, the new not-a-le-creuset has now cooked a lot more than popcorn!) Before I started cooking, I printed out this year’s menuand all … Continue reading Choosing Thanks.

Back to Basics.

Is anyone else amazed that September is nearly half over? yikes! It still feels very much like summer here, but there are early signs of a new season. The cherry trees are nearly bare of leaves, the grasses are turning, and the days are noticeably shorter. I’d been in a real funk on Thursday (empty house, nothing to look forward to … seemingly ever again 😉 ?!) and was surprised how just the simple act of reaching out to a tennis pro to schedule a lesson – have something to look forward to – changed my outlook. Saturday morning I … Continue reading Back to Basics.

TGIF | Gratitude.

Oh my, I have loved the gratitude notes that Michelle popped into my inbox each morning this week. As a rule, I don’t check email before I begin my morning quiet time, but this week, I logged on briefly to snag a screenshot of her prompt. I logged a few comments with my morning journaling, then let the prompt sit … marinate even … and I was surprised – and delighted – with what all of that time turned up. My evening posts weren’t what my morning time envisioned. or some days even could’ve imagined. Is that gratitude at work? … Continue reading TGIF | Gratitude.