Looking Back | July.

Especially coming after a month like June – an outing with Katie and the boys, numerous meet-ups with friends and a week in NYC – July couldn’t be more different! Looking back, I’m surprised I found as many different things to photograph as I did. (the only duplicate, completely accidental of course, is the planter on our front porch, which shows up July 4, July 21 and July 31. oh well.) Still, it was a good month! full of bright blooms, great books, lots of sewing, a little knitting … and a plenty of time to just be. I’m also … Continue reading Looking Back | July.

Looking Back | December.

Looking back at December through the lens of my daily photos, I can’t help but smile! Family (who are friends), a few cocktails, a delicious spread of cookies, reading, knitting (and one FO – that lovely bit of pinned out lace on the 23rd is the 2016 Mystery Shawl), plenty of twinkle lights … and the beginning of this year’s amaryllis watch. My mom gifted each of us super fancy bulbs from Jackson & Perkins. I set mine out on December 1st and have been documenting their progress every Friday since then. I’m positive I can really see those stalks … Continue reading Looking Back | December.