Looking Back | July & August.

I guessed way back on July 9 when I shared my June collage that July was going to tell a much different story. Of course I had no idea then that it would be September before I got to tell that story, along with August.  Apparently, July was ALL about knitting Whippet and August was about a whole lot of things other than knitting 🙂 exploring new places, sunshine and #blueskyblooms (in two countries) and so many smiles on familiar faces (including one little dog). I smiled when I compiled the August collage and saw the August 4 photo – … Continue reading Looking Back | July & August.

Looking Back | June.

  Unlike most of the daily photo mosaics I share, I think y’all have actually seen nearly all of these photos already – either here, or on Instagram, or maybe even Ravelry (that meta moment on the 20th when I was knitting an Espace Tricot pattern while watching the latest Espace Tricot podcast) … so there isn’t much new news here. But still, seeing the whole month together, marveling that yes, I really did take FOUR photos of the daisies by the front gate, THREE of me reading a book, TWO of the butterfly bush in our front yard, ONE … Continue reading Looking Back | June.

Looking Back | May.

Whoa, May! I always love putting these mosaics together because they bring a wholeness to the month that I don’t necessarily see while I’m in the weeds of the everyday. I’d forgotten (despite compiling that me-made post last week) just how cool the month started out. how many days I spent sewing. how thrilled I was(am!) that Marc’s taken responsibility for our porch-pots this summer (May 6 and 7). how much time I got to spend with my family (especially Sara and the little boys) … how good the month really was. In one of her recent podcast series, Jen … Continue reading Looking Back | May.

Looking Back | April.

April is always one of the prettiest months around here … and combined with our Beaufort trip, Easter, some wonderful knitting and sewing, a new Saturday night dinner routine … and a delightful afternoon with our favorite little boys … well. I’d do it on repeat anytime. I (finally!) compiled my #1SE video for April this afternoon and shared it on Instagram.   Life is indeed made one second, one photo, one story at a time. These posts are still my favorite way to document mine. Happy Wednesday!   Continue reading Looking Back | April.

Looking Back | January and February.

Here we are, barely 64 days into this new year … and January 1 already seems like ages ago. I’m switching things up a bit this year with my daily photos, using Flickr and a mosaic maker instead of apps on my phone and iPad. It’s a little easier and it makes me feel better about paying $5.99 a month for Flickr*. Here’s January and February amaryllis, daffodils and cherry blossoms … lots of knitting … a little bit of Holly … a few people (me included!) … and even a little sunshine. I’ve started two new habits this year … Continue reading Looking Back | January and February.

Looking Back | December 2018.

Is it just me, or does December seem like it was a year ago?!twinkle lights :: twinkle lights :: twinkle lights 😉 little boys :: three of us ♥ :: family (who are friends) :: holiday decorations :: knitting :: reading … and the start of this year’s amaryllis watch. Sometimes I look back at these mosaics and think “oh, it wasn’t really as wet/cold/rainy/ as I remember”. This month, I thought “whoa, it really was wet, cold and rainy!”. Only two (yes, TWO) of those photos were taken outside – those gorgeous camellia blooms on the 22nd and the … Continue reading Looking Back | December 2018.

Looking Back | November.

November was a weird month for me. What I recall is ten days at home with a very sick dog, a brief respite and then another week at home with a nasty cold. I am beyond grateful that these 30 photos tell a better story. camellias :: beautiful fall colors :: sunshine :: a milestone for my brother (he’s retiring from the Atlanta Police Department after 30 years … and a most accomplished career!)  :: a milestone for me and Marc (our 35th anniversary) :: seasons changing :: LOTS of knitting :: two adorable Thanksgiving chefs  :: twinkle lights :: … Continue reading Looking Back | November.

Looking Back | October.

These Looking Back posts are some of my favorites to write (and later to read). The hardest part is compiling the mosaic – I’ve been taking daily photos for years now, but I don’t pull them together until the end of the month – and that pulling together process can take a while. not because it’s hard or time-consuming, but because I enjoy revisiting the whole month. Once I have my Daily Photos compiled, I go back and delete … and this month, I still have 182. About a third of those are from the last leg of our Danube … Continue reading Looking Back | October.

Looking Back | September.

Whoa, September was a full month! (which makes me feel a little better about not having it all pulled together to share until well into October) The month began at the lake, still full-on summer, moved home for a whirlwind of knitting, sewing and birthday and ended in Austria. wow. I also mashed my favorite sixty seconds of video from the month. What a happy accident that the Sound of Music sing-along happened on the last day of the month … no way I could’ve planned “My Favorite Things” any better! …and now it feels right to embrace October. Bring … Continue reading Looking Back | September.

Looking Back | August.

Apparently, August 2018 will go down in my history as the month of feet – they show up a whoppin’ eight times! and along with a good amount of knitting, sewing and reading, a few cocktails, multiple visits with the little boys and two milestone birthday celebrations, I also have a multitude of happy memories. I realized there are also a couple of finished projects that never made their way here (it always amazes me how I can blog nearly every weekday and forget to share some things 🙂 ). Here you go! First, this year’s Through the Loops Mystery … Continue reading Looking Back | August.