FO Friday | A Two-fer.

Friends, it was a productive week here. Marc and I have kind of forgotten how to be Marc & Mary, and this week we both got back into a few familiar grooves. Marc actually went to the driving range and walked 18 holes of golf (first time for each of those since February?). I got a new pair of running shoes and ran to the lake in record time. and in the midst of new-normal Zoom and FaceTimes, I sewed something besides masks … and finished a sweater and an afghan. The sweater is Notice (again) … yep, the third … Continue reading FO Friday | A Two-fer.

Unraveling a Week.

It’s been an unsettling week here in Georgia. Our governor has taken his crazy coronavirus tactics (remember when we were the first state to reopen and even the president said it was too soon) to a new level, suing the mayor of Atlanta (a current hotspot) for implementing a mask mandate. Y’all. I can’t even. In between reading news updates, listening to podcasts, talking (and walking 🙂 ) with Marc, calling at risk seniors to ask about Angel Tree wish list items, participating (mostly on mute! PRAISE!) in a women’s ministry leadership team meeting, and having a few sanity saving … Continue reading Unraveling a Week.

On and Off the Needles.

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s been a while since I shared an entire post about knitting (and crochet). Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to … and what I might be up to next. First off – a finish. finally. This is the pattern I previewed for Lori Versaci, maybe coming out next month. It was a pleasure start to finish (even the little bit of seaming wasn’t bad) and I can’t wait until it’s about 40 degrees cooler than the “feels like 101 degrees” it was this afternoon so I can actually wear it. I had on shorts before … Continue reading On and Off the Needles.

Little Boys, Knitting, and Books.

These three things are pretty much my life right now, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Here’s what it looks like this week. First up, it was Week Five of Marmie & Poppa camp.The boys made granola, a few LEGO models, and a set of stepping stones for our yard; helped in the garden (including harvesting the most expensive tomatoes ever 😉 ); learned about electrical circuits (Charlie) and practiced super shooter target skills (Sam). We all laughed and played, and slept well. I didn’t have as much time to knit and read, but I managed some. I’m working through … Continue reading Little Boys, Knitting, and Books.

A Good Month for Yarn.

Happy Friday! I’m wearing a new sweater today, this morning I cast on a sweet little dress for a friend’s new granddaughter, and this afternoon yarn arrived in the mail. All of that reminded me that May has been a very good month for yarn around here. First up, the Finished Projects*.A second Ankers Summer Shirt (today’s outfit). The (first) Vintage Crocheted Afghan. Newleaf. Mother’s Day socks for my mom. Here’s the beginning of the baby dress. I do LOVE this pattern. I might even finish it by Sunday and then the May FO’s will be an even better! I’m … Continue reading A Good Month for Yarn.

Unraveled Tuesday.

Hello friends and yes, it’s Tuesday! I’ve never gotten the hang of scheduling posts, my tomorrow is full, and I want to share about the knitting, crocheting and reading … so Tuesday it is! First up, the knitting. and the unraveling. Yesterday afternoon I was ready to start the ribbing on the body of Newleaf, on the smaller needle. Searching through my knitting bag, I found all my bigger needles and an empty bag for the smaller one. I got out my needle gauge and checked. and yep, I knit the entire body of the sweater on the smaller needle. … Continue reading Unraveled Tuesday.

Unraveled Wednesday | Same Old.

Hello friends and happy Wednesday. Thankfully without any unraveling … although maybe not much forward progress either?! In spite of all the time I’ve had to knit, crochet, and read, I still have the same WIPs as last week (oh boy, I hope to have something different to share next week!) For knitting, it’s been all Newleaf all the time.I have had a very fun time knitting the yoke. The last bit of colorwork is on that last row (how do folks get those awesome circular WIP shots?!). I’ve since worked a few short rows and am now ready to … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Same Old.

Three on Thursday | In Progress.

Today was the first day in two weeks that I didn’t have a single “commitment”. no Zoom or FaceTime. no pressing to-do list items. just me and a whole open (free?) column on my calendar. Pre-SAH, I typically had 2-3 days like this each month … and I’d usually spend them “at home”. maybe I’d take a long walk in the park with Lauren, but more likely, I’d dive into a project (Kon Mari-ing with Marc on Feb 11, or photographing a bunch of clothes for StyleBook on Feb 18). Here are three things I dove into today: Thing One. … Continue reading Three on Thursday | In Progress.

Unraveled Wednesday | All the Things.

It’s Wednesday and that means I have an update on the making and the reading, and much gratitude to Kat for hosting this meet-up. On the making front, I have been doing all the things (well, all the things that I know how to do). First, knitting (by far my favorite and for sure my comfort zone). I finished my first Notice (this is a snagged shot from a video Marc took for a church thing) – I am delighted with the fit. which is good because I cast on for another one … this time in pink. (I also … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | All the Things.

Unraveled Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday … and that means I’m joining in with Kat and crew for a quick update on what I’m making and reading.This was the scene at my kitchen counter just before I pulled out my laptop to write this post. I wasn’t kidding about the crocheting and I’ll bet you’d also be surprised to know that the big ball of yarn is Red Heart. It’s called Bunches of Hugs and it seems perfect for a prayer shawl! Then there’s the beginning of a sock with a ball of yarn I bought in Linz, Austria. This yarn is labeled DK … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.