Merrying Along.

Happy Friday my friends! I checked off the last thing on my to-do list this morning and then enjoyed a delightful two hours with my small group over brunch and the last chapter of Names for the Messiah … not at the church … … with a surprise visit from the three-month old granddaughter of our hostess (I’m sure you can pick her out!) We have one more party this weekend (Katie is hosting a little Hanukah dinner Sunday evening) and that’s it for a few days. It does seem like December has been one L-O-N-G party and today have a … Continue reading Merrying Along.

Early December Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! I have just a few quick updates from the weekend. First, Saturday’s Gathering was a big success. I had two “sorry I can’t come” texts Friday evening and another at 6am on Saturday. I dreamed Friday night that we’d have just a handful of women show up. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case – we had about 30 (which is awesome). Rev. Aisha Brooks-Lytle was our featured guest and speaker. She’s a “big deal” in our church because she leads the network of churches in the greater Atlanta area*. Her program was “You Are a Gift” … Continue reading Early December Weekending.

Thanksgiving Weekending.

Hello friends! I hope y’all enjoyed a lovely long weekend, maybe with delicious food and good company and then time to pause and give December a warm welcome (thankfully without snow)? Yep, that was how we did it around here! We celebrated Thanksgiving with Katie and her family and my mom (aka “Gramma”). Katie sets a lovely and very kid (and grown-up kid)-friendly table! The pilgrim hat placecards made another appearance, much to everyone’s delight. Some of us wear our hats better than others 😉 We also colored turkeys. Charlie won the prize for most realistic. and also best post-coloring … Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekending.

July Weekending.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I’m glad to share a few bits and pieces from the weekend. Turns out it delicious, fun and inspiring! The delicious part wasn’t all that unusual. We started with Friday Night Snacks, of course.Marc made the pimiento cheese top center and yummm…. Saturday lunch I shared with Katie. She’d visited the farmers’ market for the tarts and fruit and tossed a lovely arugula salad to accompany. As wonderful as the meal was, uninterrupted one-on-one time to catch up was the best treat. Saturday dinner was Marc’s treat for me leaving the house before 8am.I’m sorry … Continue reading July Weekending.

Late April Weekending.

I put “late April” in the title of this post to remind myself it really is still April. While parts of the country saw snow (if that’s you, I’m so sorry!), we saw abundant sunshine and felt what might’ve been the last of the 40-some degree mornings. Here’s the whole story – Friday night was our typical dinner and the last three episodes of the latest season of Bosch (we tried to go slow, but our willpower ran out big time after that second episode … I even stayed awake til nearly 10pm to see the end!) This season might … Continue reading Late April Weekending.

Three Photo Weekending.

I have only three photos to share from this weekend. They may be few, but they are mighty 🙂 The sun was out on Saturday and it was lovely. I took a solo morning walk to the lake. Solo is key for capturing these kinds of #blueskyblooms. Marc played golf and I indulged in some quality time with myself and a few magazines. I was reminded how much I love baths and bubbles! I think my last bath was last February, when we were in Los Cabos (the bubbles and the room were infused with the same scent and it … Continue reading Three Photo Weekending.


I wrote a check last week and on Wednesday, the woman who was processing it asked if I’d really meant to date it March 8, instead of February 8 (she was very kind and offered to wait to deposit it). I checked the calendar. No, it was just my mistake – but whoa, now I feel like I’ve gained four weeks back! Happy Friday y’all! Totally loving this whole going gray with short hair thing. I had my fourth “no color” hair appointment this week. Short hair is super easy and quick! oh my goodness y’all – I had no idea … Continue reading TGIF.

The Time is Now.

Yet who knows whether you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this? ~Esther 4:14b (NKJV) I had the privilege of participating in my community’s MLK Service and Unity Walk today. There wasn’t an empty seat in the sanctuary at St James for the Service, which was moving, inclusive and inspiring. truly. Three weeks into my year of Hope, this was a most welcome signpost. The Unity Walk was another. We left St James’ sanctuary and walked to City Hall. I had the opportunity to talk with several folks (the walk is a little over a mile) … Continue reading The Time is Now.