Looking Back | December.

“Stars are made of dust and nitrogen; they are balls of gas and hydrogen. But that isn’t what a star is; it’s only what it is made of.” ~Patti Callahan, Once Upon a Wardrobe Happy sigh. It’s time to Finish (2021) Regular! First up in the finishing queue is wrapping up December – daily photos first and then books and reading. and finally, one last post to look back at a year of making. A Gratitude List: twinkle lights. knitting. seeing family more than once. selfies with my sister. books (and more books). amaryllis blooms. and even seeing a peek … Continue reading Looking Back | December.

Best Laid Plans and all that.

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be a reflection on this year’s One Little Word Choice. and today I was going to share a Year-in-Review. so I’d be ready on Friday for one last wrap-up. Instead, today I have a different post to share … best laid plans and all that … my mom dislocated her hip early yesterday morning – it’s back in place, thank goodness – but it’s going to be a while until she’s fully recovered. Karen and I spent most of yesterday camped out in my car in the emergency room parking lot. Grateful not only for … Continue reading Best Laid Plans and all that.

Around Here.

I hung the last photo on the Advent tree this morning. We are still waiting for the amaryllis to bloom. The house smells wonderful. Holly’s afternoon walk was delightfully pleasant with breezy blue skies. I’m especially grateful for yesterday’s visit with my sister. We had lunch and watched White Christmas (an annual tradition that took a little break the past two years). Yesterday was even more special because – in an “abundance of caution” – we aren’t going to the big family gathering next week. We are still planning tomorrow with Katie and her family and we’ll get together with … Continue reading Around Here.

TGIF | Hello December.

TGIF and Hello December! There’s a whole different feel to the holidays this year – all good! – for the first time since 2013 our plans don’t include airports, we have plans to gather indoors (with food!) with family, church is live-streaming Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve, and my mom gifted us waxed amaryllis bulbs (pictured above – so far, I’m a fan!). Thinking about … menus and details for those family gatherings. We have Hannukkah tomorrow with Katie and her family, a family cookie swap on the 18th, Christmas (at Katie’s – just our little family), and the … Continue reading TGIF | Hello December.

Christmas Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Last Monday of 2020! My Christmas weekend began in the very early hours of Wednesday (the photo on the left was taken – and shared with Sara – at 12:04am), as I followed Sara on her journey from Bristol to Paddington, to Heathrow, to the Delta lounge, and finally … on the plane bound for Atlanta. By the time her flight took off (just before 8:30 am our time), that sock was nearly finished (and I’d ordered yarn to knit that sweater I crushed on last week). Wednesday passed in a flurry of last minute laundry, … Continue reading Christmas Weekending.

A Very Merry Christmas.

I realized on Friday that I had three more posts I wanted to share before the new year and I decided to go for it even though it would mean posting on the weekend. First up is a recap of our Christmas. I loved sharing the Christmas Eve service at my church with my brother and his family. I commented to Lydia (my SIL in case you’re new to the family relationships here) on the way out that I’m sure I take my church for granted. The lovely sanctuary, caring clergy, beautiful music ministry, thoughtful liturgy (with underlying thoughtful theology) … Continue reading A Very Merry Christmas.

Around Here.

we had a very fun sleepover with the little boys Friday night, including new pillowcases cookie decorating, and a good night’s sleep for everyone 🙂 Which was especially good because Saturday evening we welcomed Sara and Sunday afternoon we celebrated the first night of Hanukkah! Katie made a delicious dinner with latkes, smoked salmon, salad and jelly doughnuts; Marc made applesauce. I think this might be Sam’s first taste of a jelly doughnut. I think he’s a fan. Then we waited for sunset to light the first candles on the menorah. Marc also taught the boys to play the dreidl … Continue reading Around Here.