Cheers | Watermelon Berry Smoothie.

Hello friends and happy Friday! Today I’m delighted to share that promised frozen watermelon cocktail. Enjoy! Watermelon Berry Smoothie (inspired by Honest Cooking) 1 oz berry-thyme syrup and 1 oz stewed berries (see below) 1 oz lemon juice (1/2 lemon) 1 C frozen watermelon cubes 1-1/2 oz gin (or vodka or, for a mocktail, lemonade – I’d use 3 oz of lemonade and omit the lemon juice) Combine everything in a blender and blend until smooth. Garnish with a few blueberries and a sprig of thyme, if desired. Stewed Berries with Thyme (makes enough for several smoothies – feel free to … Continue reading Cheers | Watermelon Berry Smoothie.

Cheers | Mint Berry Spritzer.

I know at least a few of y’all recall that I promised* a new cocktail this month. My sister, my cocktail muse, came over Tuesday evening – maybe you saw us on Instagram?and very close readers might’ve noticed that bright pink drink to the left of my laptop in the lower left? Yep, that was the first draft of the Berry Spritzer! Frozen berries (from Costco – a blend of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) are a staple in our freezer and they are awesome for cocktails because they get really juicy when they thaw. I figured I’d muddle a few … Continue reading Cheers | Mint Berry Spritzer.

TGIF | A Stormy One.

I’m typing this looking out my study window (at the rain) with Holly in my lap. The lightning and thunder started about an hour ago. Radar says it’s nearly past us, but there are lingering rumbles. Holly-in-my-lap isn’t shaking any more and I am grateful. Still, it’s gloomy, wet, and, now that the stormy part has mostly passed, surprisingly quiet. I mostly hear the whirr of the fan blades overhead and my laptop keys. the birds just started singing again and now I know for sure the storm has passed. I suppose a smarter version of me could’ve made that … Continue reading TGIF | A Stormy One.

Another Week.

Y’all it’s been another week. I’ve had plans to write a blog post since Tuesday (the boys were here for Week TEN of Marmie & Poppa Camp and they left late that afternoon), but … obviously … I got distracted. In good ways, and bad ways. The bad was the news. I live in Georgia. the state with nearly as many coronavirus cases as the country of Italy (Italy, y’all … and I expect we’ll be even with Great Britain come September – we’ve already surpassed France and Germany – countries with six/eight times as many people). When my kids … Continue reading Another Week.

Reading Better.

Way back in November I wrote a post about six things I was going to be working on this year. By mid-April, I’d whittled the list to five things (there was no way a trip to England was going to happen) … and I’ve been making progress on all of them. It feels really good to say that! and 😉 now that there are just over 100 days until my next birthday, I want to get more specific about the progress I’ve made and the actions I still want to take. Today, I’m getting specific about Reading Better. I remember … Continue reading Reading Better.

Unraveled Wednesday | Hard Cider (Mule).

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! I’m delighted to be joining in with Kat and friends today with a knitting project … and a cocktail! A few weeks back, I posted about Thea Colman’s latest Hard Cider. Since then, the yarn arrived (I do think it’s a very nice pink-red), I knit a swatch and finally, cast on. The pattern begins with 7″ of 3×3 rib, which seems to be taking ages (I started Monday evening and I’m still not to the halfway mark), but the yarn – Rowan Felted Tweed – is nice to knit. and I’m enjoying the size … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Hard Cider (Mule).


Happy Friday! I feel like TGIF is sort of an honorary Good Newses, so it really doesn’t even need to call it out. I must admit, I haven’t been this glad to see a weekend in a very long time. Trying out … my new skincare routine. I finished up the old products last week and started Monday with all ten steps … well, except I still haven’t used the mask. That’ll be tomorrow. Two of my ten steps live in the shower – the exfoliant and the “water cleanser” – so I didn’t include them in the photo. I … Continue reading TGIF.

Cheers | to Summer.

We are home – and Marc is on the golf course. I haven’t enjoyed this kind of quiet … in a few days. It’s been wonderful to scroll through the dozens of photos and seconds of video from our quick getaway and remember how much fun it was. I promise more on Monday, but for now, how about a few favorites from our “family photos by the lake” on Wednesday evening. First – because this just cracks me up – an outtake of the boys as we were warming upCharlie has obviously been practicing his “ROAR” face … and Sam … Continue reading Cheers | to Summer.

TGIF | Hello June.

Hello June! I know we’re a week into this month already, but it is the first Friday … which means a special list: Traveling … to New York City – with Marc! – next weekend.  It’s been ten years since Katie graduated college and we officially had “kids who’d moved away”. Katie lived in NYC and then LA before moving back to Atlanta in 2012. Sara moved to Madison in 2014 and NYC in 2017. This will be my umpteenth trip to visit one of them. and Marc’s first. (although it will be my first time visiting and staying in … Continue reading TGIF | Hello June.