Currents | September 2021.

Well, these last few days flew by. Here’s a brief glimpse of what that looked like though my iPhone camera and here’s the longer story through another Currents update. Celebrating SEVEN!! with Charlie and his family and friends this past weekend. (also Saying Thank You we live close enough to be there in person for a two-hour party). Laughing About how fun it is to have a September birthday at the pool! Our girls had November and January birthdays … we bowled, we skated, we dressed up for Halloween, we never once dreamed of swimming! Embracing this last stretch of … Continue reading Currents | September 2021.

Saying I Do.

Jillian and John got married yesterday. She’s the daughter of my sister, my elder niece and goddaughter. In other words, she’s a woman I hold dear and close. She and John have been together for years (first here in Atlanta, then in Austin, TX and lately Nashville, TN) and I just was surprised as … anyone … when they announced their engagement a few months back. and an August wedding. um what?!? Of course back then (May?!) we all imagined Things would be Different by now and … they’re not. and I know lots of folks are putting things on hold … Continue reading Saying I Do.

Five on Friday.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! I haven’t done a Five on Friday post in years … but today it’s perfect. My favorite older grandson turned FIVE today and I had the privilege of joining him and his mom for a birthday outing to The High Museum with a very special lunch (his dad joined us, too) afterwards. I culled my photos, edited video, and even figured out how to link a video to a photo so I could share Five of my favorite moments from Charlie’s first day being Five! Katie chose The High Museum for today’s outing because they’re … Continue reading Five on Friday.

Paris Is Always a Good Idea.

When we were first planning Lydia’s 50th birthday party, my brother suggested “French” as a possible theme. Lydia has always been a Francophile – me too! – and it sounded like fun. Then my mom and I found these cocktail napkins and it all just fell into place from there. Turns out Paris is the perfect jumping off point for all sorts of Good (Party) Ideas: Plates, napkins and centerpiece featuring a smartly dressed woman walking her poodle by the Eiffel Tower (Lydia’s standard poodle Sophie is black, but she definitely sports pink bows! – that’s her on the banner of … Continue reading Paris Is Always a Good Idea.