Five on Friday.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! I haven’t done a Five on Friday post in years … but today it’s perfect. My favorite older grandson turned FIVE today and I had the privilege of joining him and his mom for a birthday outing to The High Museum with a very special lunch (his dad joined us, too) afterwards. I culled my photos, edited video, and even figured out how to link a video to a photo so I could share Five of my favorite moments from Charlie’s first day being Five! Katie chose The High Museum for today’s outing because they’re … Continue reading Five on Friday.

TGIF | Happy Birthday!

Today my mom is celebrating her 81st birthday – so today’s TGIF is all about her! Traveler. Those two photos are clearly a woman on the move! and my mom’s been on the move since practically the day she was born. She was born in southern California (the San Fernando Valley when it was farmland), moved up to northern California, and then moved another countless times to cover 11 more states before landing here in Georgia in 2017. Four of those states (and six moves?) were when I was growing up. And my my mom still loves to travel. I must … Continue reading TGIF | Happy Birthday!

Birthday Weekending.

Birthdays come fast and furious around here this time of year. This past Saturday was my birthday … and we celebrated all weekend long! Thursday evening’s Thanksgiving Service was a wonderful beginning. Friday. the camellias were in full bloom – and the sun came out! But the best news came at the vet’s office. Holly was diagnosed with pneumonia the weekend before. Friday afternoon was her third set of X-rays and the first to show solid improvement and a good prognosis. It was really the best birthday present I could’ve asked for, but the gifts kept coming! Friday evening sunset. … Continue reading Birthday Weekending.

Birthday Weekending.

Saturday’s birthday celebrations were fun, delicious and most photo-worthy! It’s nice on a Monday morning to have a blog post practically write itself as soon as I have the photos edited and uploaded 🙂 Katie did a wonderful job with the New York City theme and the food. The boys donned their costumes just before the guests arrived. No, it wasn’t a costume party, but pirates and spidermen have more fun. There were cupcakes and candleswith a very willing older brother to help. And then presents. Sam has two new “things to wear” (I wonder how long it will take … Continue reading Birthday Weekending.


Happy Friday, my friends! seems like a perfect morning for a little TGIF. Thinking about everything I need to accomplish next week. I usually make up my to-do lists on Monday morning (because #retired), but this one is longer – and more important! – than usual. Grateful for healing. I had my third PT appointment on Wednesday and was cleared to resume all my activities (except for running, but I don’t have plans to resume that anyway), with caution. To celebrate, Lauren and I walked three miles in the park yesterday morning. It was wonderful! Inspired by the Vienna weather … Continue reading TGIF.

Happy 80th!

My mom celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday. …with us! We enjoyed a lovely lunch out and then gathered again in the evening for a party, with cards and gifts. My sister gave her a fun little book that included this quotation. I can’t think of a better way to sum up 80 years! Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!! Continue reading Happy 80th!

Paris Is Always a Good Idea.

When we were first planning Lydia’s 50th birthday party, my brother suggested “French” as a possible theme. Lydia has always been a Francophile – me too! – and it sounded like fun. Then my mom and I found these cocktail napkins and it all just fell into place from there. Turns out Paris is the perfect jumping off point for all sorts of Good (Party) Ideas: Plates, napkins and centerpiece featuring a smartly dressed woman walking her poodle by the Eiffel Tower (Lydia’s standard poodle Sophie is black, but she definitely sports pink bows! – that’s her on the banner of … Continue reading Paris Is Always a Good Idea.