Currents | September 2021.

Well, these last few days flew by. Here’s a brief glimpse of what that looked like though my iPhone camera and here’s the longer story through another Currents update. Celebrating SEVEN!! with Charlie and his family and friends this past weekend. (also Saying Thank You we live close enough to be there in person for a two-hour party). Laughing About how fun it is to have a September birthday at the pool! Our girls had November and January birthdays … we bowled, we skated, we dressed up for Halloween, we never once dreamed of swimming! Embracing this last stretch of … Continue reading Currents | September 2021.

Catching Up.

Hello friends. Is anyone else in denial that it could possibly be Thanksgiving this week?! You’d think after THIRTY SEVEN years of having a birthday, an anniversary, AND Thanksgiving typically all falling in an 8-10 day window, I’d be better at it. Throw in a three-set tennis match, getting ready to have our house painted, and … well … you have last week. I am totally going to be color coding these pages (thanks Katie!) next year so I can see at a glance how my time aligns with my priorities. Sadly, we lost that three-set match (which I didn’t … Continue reading Catching Up.

Sometimes Mondays.

are good days for catching up! I spent a few hours yesterday with my in-box and Feedly reader and enjoyed reading about what y’all have been up to. Today I have a few updates with what’s been happening around here. First, the mother of our two favorite little boys is celebrating a birthday today. (and not that anyone’s counting, but this means I’ve been a mama for 33 years!) We have plans for dinner and cake next weekend and I love that we’ll be able to celebrate in person. And now, back to the weekend before last (yep, it has … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.


I celebrated a birthday yesterday. quietly*. mostly at home with Marc and Holly. with a delicious dinner, a nice bottle of wine and a cranberry brown butter tart for dessert. and so many lovely wishes in texts, cards, FaceTimes and emails. all perfect. thank you. It seems like these trips around the sun are getting shorter. I completely get how the experience of 1/58th of your life is way shorter than the experience of 1/6th (for Charlie) or even 1/29th (for Sara). But the days are all still 24 hours long and there will be an extra one this next … Continue reading Fifty-seven.

Birthday Weekending.

One of my favorite things about fall around here is all the birthdays. Beginning with Charlie in September, we continue to Marc, then Sam, then Rob, then Sara and finally me. That makes for a few birthday weekends … and this one was Sam’s. Friday evening we got to say Happy Birthday via FaceTime and see his new guitar. In addition to Purple Dinosaur Biscuits, he also loves Queen (I’m pretty sure that’s all Rob’s doing 😉 ) and has recently seen Freddy Mercury’s performance of We Will Rock You (“Rock Me Out, Alexa”, says Sam). This isn’t a great … Continue reading Birthday Weekending.

Mostly Birthday Weekending.

We celebrated a b-i-g birthday this weekend … Marc turned 60 yesterday! Thankfully, the whole weekend wasn’t as chilly, windy and rainy as Saturday, which merited the first fire, the first socks, and the first nice Bordeaux of the season. It also wasn’t as calm! Yesterday, Marc watched golf and then played (mostly typical Sunday for him while I “do church”) … and then we went to Katie’s for the birthday celebration. We had a ball catching up with everyone (yikes, I think the last time we were all together was back in September for Charlie’s birthday) and marveling at … Continue reading Mostly Birthday Weekending.