And | October 2020.

Back in December 2019 when I started to settle in with AND for this year, I knew it would be a tough year for our country. I knew the non-dualism that AND represented – listening, accepting, abundance – would be helpful for me, not only to cope, but also (maybe, hopefully) to help. Sigh. I couldn’t have imagined in my craziest dreams where 2020 would take me/us. and ­čÖé wow. My small group has been reading Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward. That book was transformational for me when I read it last year. Revisiting all those highlighted pages with a group … Continue reading And | October 2020.

And | September 2020.

I just re-read last month’s OLW post. apparently the whole “I can” thing (which was also gist of my most recent post) has been going on here for at least a month. I didn’t put that together until just now. The feelings behind those “I can” posts were different … last month it felt more about freedom to choose the not-so-obvious path, and this month it feels more about strength. another powerful reminder of these “little” words. which brings me to today’s post and the ninth monthly reflection on this year’s One Little Word AND (with a heartfelt thank you … Continue reading And | September 2020.

And | August 2020.

Our hydrangea has been sadly┬ánot covered with blooms this year. We planted it in 2018. There were at least a couple of blooms on it last year, and we’re not sure why it’s slow to bloom this year. So after reading Bonny’s post yesterday, this morning I checked on ours … and surprise! two blooms! Which makes a really lovely segue to the One Little Word story I have for this month. I’m honestly glad to have a story this month. For many reasons, August has been hard. sad. angry. withdrawn. lonely. hopeless. hard. I’m sure no more than y’all … Continue reading And | August 2020.

And | July 2020.

Charlie & Sam just left with their dad, bringing a close to the ninth session of Marmie & Poppa camp. In another time, those two ampersands might make a delightful topic for a post (or two) about this year’s One Little Word. This month, it’s just an opening and a photo.The boys are completely obsessed with Star Wars. When Charlie was here last week, he wanted to “build a light saber with Poppa”. Poppa researched and ultimately ended up purchasing a light saber for less than $5. Needless to say, Sam wanted one, too. a red one (I didn’t know … Continue reading And | July 2020.

And | June 2020.

I’m sure everyone else is just as amazed as I am that we are half-way through this year. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined how this first half of 2020 might play out. I’m not even gonna guess about how the next six months might go. I’ve written before about AND being the perfect word for surviving a pandemic. and I think it’s also the perfect word for embracing the kind of action required to address systemic racism. By its very nature, it’s additive. it invites abundance. it welcomes new ideas and other opinions. fundamentally, it MAKES … Continue reading And | June 2020.

And | May 2020.

Last week, Sara and I resumed our Sunday morning check-in’s (7amET/noon for her). and now it’s light enough that Marc takes his walk while I talk and that means I get to run to the lake (and back) by myself after I talk to Sara. In Time Before, Marc played golf on Sundays (most days) and church commitments usually meant solo walks/runs for me. Now, seeing the lake early on a Sunday morning, a not-so-easy-as-it-used-to-be mile and a half from home … is Sabbath Time for me. I carry my phone only to take this photo. The rhythm of the … Continue reading And | May 2020.

And | April 2020.

Around here, the magnolia trees are full of buds … the sky is a brilliant blue, with just a scattering of pure white clouds, and the sun is warm. Around here, the number of confirmed cases in our county is edging closer to 3,000 and the number of deaths just passed 100. Around here there is the beautiful renewal of spring and the promise of summer, and the ever-present shadow of a virus that threatens lives and livelihoods, and kills. We are living in a state of paradox. A few weeks back, I saw this graphic on Instagram and it … Continue reading And | April 2020.

And | March 2020.

I just finished reading a few of the OLW updates y’all shared today. This past month hasn’t been what any of us anticipated. And yet. We’re opening our minds and hearts in new, often uncomfortable ways. And we ARE doing it. And most importantly, we ARE showing up for ourselves and each other with kindness, honesty, generosity, and love. A few of us seem to be more comfortable showing these feelings to others than to ourselves … if that speaks to you, please consider this post your permission slip to … take care of YOU. It’s like the opposite of … Continue reading And | March 2020.

And | February 2020.

Checking in with my OLW today … and reflecting on the special place that February holds in this journey. the holiday high has fully worn off. the decorations are packed away. maybe they aren’t. we have wonderful memories from the recent months. maybe we don’t. the bills come in. we have fun plans for spring break. maybe we don’t. the primary season is heating up. girl scout cookies arrive. it rains. it snows. it rains. it rains. the sun comes out. it rains. it’s cold. it rains. and still. a friend’s mom falls and breaks her hip. a vulnerable senior’s … Continue reading And | February 2020.

And | January 2020.

Holly and I took our first walk outside the neighborhood cul-de-sac this morning. Pink-tipped trees don’t seem like January. and yet. We were both wearing our “heavy coats” because it was freezing (literally, 32 degrees). and I didn’t plan a photo like this to open a first reflection on this year’s One Little Word. and yet. I had time with my journal a few hours before our walk: “I am not at all sure what I want to say. maybe just a little about how I am paying attention to the ANDs. thinking/noticing my own choice of words. which is … Continue reading And | January 2020.