TGIF | Still February.

Yep, still February. for a short month, it sure seems L-O-N-G doesn’t it?! Thinking about … Texas. and taking action with prayers and money. I listened to Pantsuit Politics podcast this morning and the first segment is excellent for trying to understand how we got here … and what we might do to take a different path. We do need government; it might not always be the best way to solve a problem, and sometimes it’s the only way. Grateful for … Holly seems to be feeling better. again. We were back at the vet on Saturday morning after two … Continue reading TGIF | Still February.

Looking Back | February.

Last month I started Looking Back with a slightly broader lens – encompassing not only the daily photos, but also a few reflections. This month I’m making a few more tweaks: 1. What am I celebrating? + first signs of Spring, another beautiful amaryllis season, and 41 years with the same Valentine. 2. What worked well? what didn’t? + our cookbook club – two meetings in and I think we have a plan that’s going to carry us through. – the planning for our women’s service was at times both stressful and frustrating; this was my 4th (or 5th?) year … Continue reading Looking Back | February.


Hello friends and happy Friday. I am glad to be here today. These end-of-week glimpses into right now are always fun to write. and I hope you’ll find something to enjoy here, too! Thinking about … Lent. about looking inward. about opening space in my heart and my head. about renewal. about creating new spiritual habits. I mentioned on Wednesday that I’m following Sarah Bessey’s 40 Simple Practices for Lent (link) and yesterday I downloaded the (free!) Book of Common Prayer app to my phone. I have the hardcopy and it’s a bit of a brick … I love having … Continue reading TGIF.

Sometimes Mondays.

… are for catching up. I certainly didn’t set out to skip a week here. Every day, I thought about it. and every day I gave myself permission not to. In the meantime, I finished a pair of socks and a baby sweater, started a new sweater, finished a fantastic book, kept watch over the amaryllis, treated myself to a manicure, and enjoyed a few delicious meals (with wine ♥). I also spent time reflecting on next steps, making lists, and just being. It was a wonderful break! and it’s good to be back. Here’s to a great week, my … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.

Five on Friday | Good Things.

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you’re finding some Good Things to celebrate this week … here are five of mine. Thing One. The Polar Coat. It’s finished. It fits. It’s warm. I’ve worn it lots. and I LOVE it. Lydia took some photos when we met up for coffee last Friday.This might be my favorite indoor FO backdrop ever – the lobby of a nearby hotel and yes, that is a horse, coming through a wall of grass. The pockets are one of my favorite things about this sweater (well, aside from all those things I said already). I am … Continue reading Five on Friday | Good Things.

Amaryllis Watch 2019.

Amaryllis Watch 2019 is now in week 3 and there is finally something to see besides a pretty pot and moss … indeed, all three bulbs have sprouted! I’m sure the abundant sunshine – seems like forever since we’ve had TWO days of blue skies in a row! – has helped. It’s most definitely improved my state of mind 🙂 My goal is to have blooms toward the end of January and I think we’re on track. Same as always, I love waterlogue-ing these photos … and this week, it’s all about those two birds. Meanwhile, can you believe Christmas … Continue reading Amaryllis Watch 2019.