Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

Yesterday afternoon I finished Dani Shapiro’s delightful collection of essays on writing … and covered my Bingo card. I then spent the next two plus hours updating everything I’d read since early July on Goodreads (you can see all the details on my 2019 Summer Book Bingo shelf here) and that used up the time I’d allotted for a blog post. It was probably just as good I didn’t get to share this update yesterday, because I’ve had time to compile a few statistics: 25 books 11 paperback/hardback, 7 Kindle, 7 audio 18 borrowed, 5 bought, 2 owned already 12 … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

Good Newses | Thursday.

Hello friends. I must admit, when I dreamed up the idea for this week’s series, I had no idea things could possibly get as negative, and downright scary as they have. I am grateful for the strong, so-much-better-at-speaking-up voices I’m seeing on-line that are reassuring me I’m not alone in how I’m feeling. I can’t say anything better than any of them and all I can add is a hearty “oh yes!”. So I’ve decided that today’s good newses are going to be personal – three little things I’m celebrating today that have nothing to do with anything you’ll see … Continue reading Good Newses | Thursday.

Unraveled Wednesday.

Whoa, is it really Wednesday … evening??!! already? I spent all day yesterday at home (mostly by myself with Holly) and I’m finally starting to feel a bit settled. Thank y’all for hanging with me – I look forward to catching up with what’s going on in your worlds soon! So this Unraveled post is not feeling nearly as Unraveled as it would’ve felt on Monday … and I have knittingĀ and reading progress to share. First up – the knitting. I am cruising along on my Bon Voyage. It’s a very fun knit … even in almost black yarn … … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

Sometimes Sundays.

…are for reconsidering. I was just hopping into the shower yesterday morning when my sister texted me about Summer Book Bingo. I grabbed my glasses and we had this quick exchange. I totally planned to just send her the link from last year. But then. I thought about how much fun we’d had together the past five summers playing our cards … and how I could simply strike out the dreaded “graphic novel” square and add one for “recommended in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide (any year)”. and by the time I got home from church, I was all … Continue reading Sometimes Sundays.