Unraveled Wednesday.

I finished the last book to cover my Summer Bingo* card just after 6 am this morning. Moments of Seeing is a wonderful collection of essays to savor. I highly recommend Katrina Kennison’s blog … and her granola! Hands down this was my best summer of reading in quite a few years. I still need to collect my thoughts – and maybe a few statistics 😉 about the whole thing, but that’s going to wait for another day. Because I spent the rest of the day visiting my aesthetician and my nail tech (yay! my ten toes now all sport the … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

Three on Thursday | Close to a Cover-all.

I finished listening to The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side (lower right) this afternoon. Pretty much the perfect accompaniment to fixing the mistake I found yesterday and finishing Clue 5. (I was listening to The Woman in the Window last week when I made that mistake and let me say, Jane Marple is a much better companion for knitting lace … maybe because she’s a knitter?!) I’m a life-long Agatha Christie fan, but I was a Hercule Poirot snob. I think this is the first time I’ve actually read a Miss Marple! My library doesn’t have many Miss Marple … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Close to a Cover-all.

Sometimes Mondays.

…take a while to come together. I really thought I’d be sharing this post a few hours ago because when I went to bed last night (after finishing Our Souls at Night. sigh. so good!) I had just three hours to finish Telling Tales (Vera Stanhope #2). In other words I was to the point where it seems like the loose ends can’t possibly take another three hours to resolve, and you can’t think about doing much else until you get to the end. But I spent the morning and early afternoon with my mom and (when she reads this … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.

Unraveled Wednesday | Bingo!

Yes indeed! I finished three more books this week and finally made not one, but two Bingos! As much fun as it is to check off those boxes, it’s even better when the books are really good: Homegoing (upper left corner). I finished this dark-early yesterday morning and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything I want to say about it. But I’ve already told three people since then that they must read it (and I do think this is a “read with your eyes” book; I don’t say that very often, but there are a lot of characters … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Bingo!

Unraveled Wednesday | Slow Progress.

Things are moving slow around here, slower than I can remember (maybe ever – the last time I was laid up without being able to drive was in 2002 … and I had two teenagers and my mom and dad in the house to help … it wasn’t “slow”). So checking off two more Bingo squares and finishing the current week’s mystery shawl clue seems like blog-worthy progress. Good thing it’s Wednesday and I can join in with Kat and friends to talk about it! Since last week, I finished Calypso (lower right), David Sedaris’ latest. This is maybe my … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Slow Progress.

Summer Bingo Update.

My knitting projects haven’t changed much since last week, not only because I’ve been sewing, but also because I’ve been reading. So I’m joining with Kat and friends today to talk about books! Long-time readers might notice I’m taking a different approach to Summer Bingo this year. Instead of planning out my card, I’m reading for bookclub and my small group (American Gospel, Glory Over Everything, Rules of Civility), tackling a few long-time TBR’s (Stuart Little, Charles Dickens), following some awesome friend recommendations (Light of the World, Those Who Save Us, A Walk in the Woods), and generally just enjoying all … Continue reading Summer Bingo Update.