Looking Back | November.

“…photography: the paying of attention, the capturing of time.” ~ Lauren Groff, Arcadia I usually think of October as our month of crisp, blue skies, and this year, November was the real star. We had the most glorious fall I can remember. It was another month of staying close to home, save the gathering at Katie’s on the 6th to celebrate fall birthdays, and a trip into town on the 18th that afforded that gorgeous cityscape sunset. We had our first freeze and my tires didn’t like the cold one bit – the tire pressure warning light came on the … Continue reading Looking Back | November.

TGIF | Hello December.

TGIF and Hello December! There’s a whole different feel to the holidays this year – all good! – for the first time since 2013 our plans don’t include airports, we have plans to gather indoors (with food!) with family, church is live-streaming Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve, and my mom gifted us waxed amaryllis bulbs (pictured above – so far, I’m a fan!). Thinking about … menus and details for those family gatherings. We have Hannukkah tomorrow with Katie and her family, a family cookie swap on the 18th, Christmas (at Katie’s – just our little family), and the … Continue reading TGIF | Hello December.

Choose | November 2021.

Hello friends! It’s the last Tuesday of November and time for another check-in with my OLW – Choose. If you’ve been reading along with me this month, you know that I’ve focused on Choosing Gratitude. I’ve shared a deep dive into four aspects of my life that regularly inspire gratitude (Dark Early Quiet Time, a Morning Walk, Fiction Matters, and Family). You might also recall that this year’s OLW and the “Choose Gratitude” idea was inspired by Diana Butler Bass’s book Grateful and the Thanksgiving Prayer she shared last year. She shared another thought-provoking postĀ this Thanksgiving suggesting we broaden our … Continue reading Choose | November 2021.

TGIF | Late November.

Hello friends. first, thank you for all your comments on my latest posts. For the benefit of all, no, we did not plan our outfits for that November 14 photo (but we all noticed it – even Marc! and Sara who took the photo) and I love that it was a synchronicity of spirit. and Humulus, whoa, I knew it was popular with my “friends” but I had NO idea what that really meant. Seems like every single one of y’all has either knit that pattern and loved it, or wanted to knit it. and now it’s my turn. Thinking … Continue reading TGIF | Late November.


I saved the best for last. Today’s dive into gratitude is about family. All of my extended family – save a niece in Nashville and a nephew in Washington DC – live here in Atlanta. We haven’t had the whole family together since 2019, and it likely won’t happen this year, but 2022 shows promise. I’m especially fortunate to have family who are friends. I love getting together with these three ladies (my sister Karen on the left, my mom, and my sister-in-law Lydia on the right). We haven’t found a post-pandemic rhythm to our gatherings, but we are getting … Continue reading Family.

Currents | Fifty-nine.

Happy Wednesday friends, and Happy Birthday to me! Today I’m celebrating fifty-nine years … and the first day of my 60th trip around the sun. I love the birthday tradition I started last year, to pause and reflect on what is right now. First, though, a shoutout to the background in this photo. We had a prayer service at church this morning and I had time after to walk the labyrinth out back, notice these camellias, and pause for a photo. I don’t know who decided that chrysanthemum should be the birthday flower for November, because camellias are certainly prettier, … Continue reading Currents | Fifty-nine.

TGIF | Mid-November.

Happy Friday my friends! Mid-November already. wow. I’ve got just over an hour to finish listening to The Lincoln Highway (Goodreads link), so if this post feels a little quick and dirty, please forgive me šŸ™‚ Thinking about … my next sweater (Ravelry link)! Not that I’m anywhere close to finishing Shifty (or the other sweater I started – and apparently totally forgot to add to my Ravelry project page or share here?! – oops!) … but this is my Holiday Sweater and I’m so excited about maybe having places to wear a new Holiday Sweater, I couldn’t resist printing … Continue reading TGIF | Mid-November.

A Morning Walk.

In this secondĀ dive into Choosing Gratitude, I’m sharing about a morning walk. I walk nearly every morning, and lately, it’s been mostly by myself; my schedule is a bit out of synch with Marc and Sara’s and I’m choosing to see the walk as some necessary introvert time. I’m grateful to these walks for getting me outside and moving, showing me the beauty of the season, and giving me an uninterrupted hour to listen to a book. The photos in this post were all captured on morning walks in the last week. Autumn has been glorious this year, and this … Continue reading A Morning Walk.

TGIF | Hello November.

TGIF and Hello November! It’s my birthday and anniversary month, two reasons to celebrate! It’s also a month that reminds me to say thank you, and start thinking about the new year … and maybe, if I’m feeling really together, about the holidays next month! Thinking about … plans and menus for Thanksgiving. Things look really different this year. Sara is here!! and Katie and her family are going to be away with Rob’s family (far enough away enough that we won’t be seeing them until December). Turns out Sara’s not so much a fan of turkey sandwiches and Marc … Continue reading TGIF | Hello November.

Dark Early Quiet Time.

Last November, I wrote a post about Choosing ThanksĀ that was part of of my decision to choose this year’s OLW and the intention of “more gratitude”. In the last few months, as I’ve been focusing on how my word and my intentions have intersected, I decided November would be the month I shared about choosing gratitude. I also figured I should do a few posts, maybe weekly? (anyone remember Thankful Thursday?) and I settled on four Thursday posts. Long-time readers likely know I journal five things I’m grateful for at the close of every day’s journal entry. You might also … Continue reading Dark Early Quiet Time.