Same Old Stuff.

Wow. It’s Tuesday. again. funny how that happens every single week, isn’t it? you’d think that posting just twice a week would give me plenty of stuff to write about. sometimes it does … and sometimes, all I’ve got is the same old stuff. Since I last shared my knitting, I’ve made noticeable progress on The Classic (ravelry link)The body is slightly cropped, so I’m about 2/3 through … with a lot more twisted rib – this time knit flat – to finish. (and then sleeves – you can get some idea of how much knitting is left by how … Continue reading Same Old Stuff.

Reading Better | July.

I added another 20 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 113 (Goodreads link) – and a whopping seven of those (almost one third!) were 5-star reads for me. Here are a few more stats from July’s book journal summary page: nearly two-thirds – just like last month – (14/20) were words on a page – and unlike any month in recent history, none were e-books. 75% (15/20) were borrowed, two I owned, and three were purchased (two “new”, and one “used”). all were fiction – another “unlike any month in recent history” (which I’m … Continue reading Reading Better | July.

Needing a Boost.

Thank y’all for being such a lovely boost for my spirits about my knee (and other stuff) … every single comment and email was a most-welcome balm for me feeling like these poor daisies , rained on for days, (photos from this morning’s walk) and then of course feeling bad about feeling beat down with a little injury when there are so many other things that are So Good … (thank you And). After this morning’s walk I caught up on a few blogs – much more boosting of the spirit there, thank you connections through the internet! and gosh, … Continue reading Needing a Boost.

Reading Better | Mid-year Reflection.

I spent some quality time with my book journal this afternoon and wrote entries for the last seven books I finished. July has been an outstanding month for reading so far (three of those books were 5-stars for me!). It seemed fitting to pause here, having just finished Girl, Woman, Other – for sure a favorite in a year that’s turning out to be one of my best reading years ever. Girl, Woman, Other was the 100th book I finished this year. Reflecting on what’s making this year “one of the best reading years ever”, I noted a few things: … Continue reading Reading Better | Mid-year Reflection.

Reading Better | June.

I added another 24 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 93 (Goodreads link) – whoa – I think I hit the trifecta of the pace of summer reading, a nice balance of ears and eyes, and some compulsively readable books! Here are a few more stats from June’s book journal summary page: nearly two-thirds (15/24) were words on a page. 80%(!!!! 19/24)) – were borrowed, one I owned, and four were purchased (three of them “new”, and one of them “used”). 20% were non-fiction – and three of those were memoir. My Reading Intentions … Continue reading Reading Better | June.

Savoring Life along with Transcendent Kingdom.

I finished Transcendent Kingdom this morning. I loved it (just like everyone told me I would) and I’m glad I took it slowly, savoring the writing and the story. I was incredibly invested in a good outcome for Gifty and I think she got that, so I was pleased with the ending. I was almost angry enough with the “theology” she encountered to throw the book across the room. gah! It’s so real, and so harmful … gah! I also really appreciate Gyasi’s range as an author – and she’s only on book #2! There are certainly some common themes … Continue reading Savoring Life along with Transcendent Kingdom.

How to Savor a Book.

I mentioned in my last Reading Better post that I had been devouring books, reading many of them in a day or two. and I continued that pace into this month. The combination of good books, bad weather, still staying home more than not … I’ve been reading more than just about anything else. Saturday was a perfect case in point. I finished a book on Friday afternoon and had mostly caught up on podcasts by that morning. Marc was playing golf (Sara was in New York!) and I planned to spend some alone time on the porch with Unsettled … Continue reading How to Savor a Book.

Book Bingo | Mid-June.

I know it’s Monday evening – which probably doesn’t count for “weekend” even if you’re retired – but turns out getting my thoughts together around what I wanted to share about books and reading took longer than I expected. Also, I spent several hours with that pretty fabric, more than that with a few books, and I played tennis (yes, it was a most delightful weekend!) I have no photos to share from all that other delightful stuff, but here’s what my desk looked like yesterday morning.That pile of books to the left is library books I’ve read this month. … Continue reading Book Bingo | Mid-June.

Reading Better | May.

I added another 15 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 69 (Goodreads link) – whoa! I felt like I devoured many of these titles – with the exception of Gifts of Imperfection, which I savored over months – finishing most in one, two, or three days. The pace of summer reading started a little early for me, I guess. Here are a few more stats from May’s book journal summary page: two-thirds (10/15) were words on a page. nearly two-thirds – 60% (9/15) – were borrowed, one I owned, and five were purchased (three … Continue reading Reading Better | May.

Book Bingo Begins!

That’s right friends, yesterday marked the official beginning of Summer 2021 Book Bingo! I love reading all the time, but there is something about summer reading that feels particularly enjoyable. Carole posted last week about her love of reading, and she shared these words “to use a food analogy, books don’t all have to be filet mignon, sometimes you need a cheeseburger and fries.” l commented that I think of summer reading as ice cream and a special bottle of wine … books that are pure treats, and maybe ones I’ve been saving to really savor and enjoy. Summer reading … Continue reading Book Bingo Begins!