Summer Reading Plans.

Quick story about that image up top – I snapped the photo after the one below where I had all the books out on the floor … and when I was editing it, I looked up and saw this

the May books I’ve read … and now a tired Lucy. Reading with a Puppy. A Memoir. which I guess really is Reading. A Memoir. because we are always reading “with” someone or something.

I LOVE Summer Reading. I did Summer Book Bingo for many years and loved the discovery, the planning, and the sheer sense of abundance. This summer, I’m letting go my monthly TBRs in favor of a season of books I’d like to read. Last week I shared my “TBR Wall” … I made a few tweaks this week and now it’s “set”.

in post-its … it’s gonna change!

Most of the books on that wall are books I already have on my shelves. This morning I pulled them all from their various places …

and organized them on the cart behind my desk. roughly by month.

There are 50 post-its on the wall, and that’s likely to be the number of books I read this summer (it’s also likely I’ll read more) … I think it’s gonna be fun to check off those white squares as I finish them. It’s also really helpful to SEE what happens when a library hold comes in (I have NO library holds on that wall right now) … hummmm… what book am I willing to set aside to read it?

So – planning much more frequent updates here on the reading … and wishing everyone a summer full of the best books!

I’d love to know – what book are you most looking forward to this summer? for me, it’s Tom Lake.

In closing, I’ve commented on a few of your blogs about Marc’s garden. He planted cucumbers for the first time this year.

I’m researching pickle recipes!

14 thoughts on “Summer Reading Plans.

  1. I see a few from Ann Patchett – a project or serendipity? I am looking forward to Colson Whitehead’s new book. I also have a few on my list that match up with your sticky notes. I know there is a book bingo through the Seattle Arts and Lectures but I have been browsing my own shelves and recommendations from good reading people today to create my own list. I love cucumbers and used to grow them (before voles) but never made pickles. Love pickles too.

  2. Look at all those blossoms!! Get ready! We love pickling around here…
    I’ve just started thinking about summer reading. (if you can believe it.)( I’m still in the fullness of spring!) Elsa and I chatted about her own book Bingo this year. Like me, it will be just as much fun to put the board together as it will be to read the reads 🙂
    Like you, I’m looking forward to Tom Lake. (Have yet to read an A. P. I don’t enjoy!)
    Fun post—looking forward to following the adventure!

  3. Look at all those blossoms!! Get ready! We love pickling around here…
    I’ve just started thinking about summer reading. (if you can believe it.)( I’m still in the fullness of spring!) But I can glimpse summer! Elsa and I chatted about her own book Bingo this year. Like me, it will be just as much fun to put the board together as it will be to read the reads!
    I’m also looking forward to Tom Lake

  4. Mmm, pickles!

    I love seeing your bookshelves and seeing that you have a lot of good reading ahead of you. Right now I only have three library holds because I’m trying to prioritize books I have on my shelves and/or in my Kindle library. I’m also planning to read “Our Town” ahead of Ann Patchett’s new book, and I’d like to get in another Erdrich or two.

  5. So many good books to choose from! I plan to read several that are also on your TBR wall. I have quite a “book hangover” after reading The Covenant of Water and am still thinking about it.
    I love Our Town and have seen the play and participated in reader’s theater productions several times over the years and I cry every time! I hope you enjoy it!
    The cucumber blossoms are beautiful. I don’t grow cucumbers, but I always buy them at the Farmer’s Market and make refrigerator dill pickles every year. I hope you find some good recipes!

  6. Good selection of books there. I did book bingo for a few years but this year I’m not going to. I have been on a buying binge between Thrift Books, a local used bookstore and new books. I grabbed 10 off the used pile, mostly summer beach reads with a few thrillers thrown in and plan to add in anything from the new piles I have that I want to read or the library. I usually read about 20 between Memorial Day and Labor day so just going to enjoy the reading this year.

  7. I so enjoy reading about your summer reading plans. I was just working on my summer list this afternoon. The book I’m most looking forward to is After Sappho. I plan to pair it with Mrs. Dalloway, of course.

    As expected, your growing season is ahead of ours. My cucumber seeds have just begun to grow. We enjoy an old Better Homes and Garden recipe for (sweet) thinly sliced bread and butter pickles. Fresh cucumbers out of the garden taste so much better than anything from the stores.

  8. what a robust reading plan for the summer! I love reading in the summer and getting lost in a book, I’m still trying to read my TBR pile and get the books out of the house. It is slow going because I borrow books from the library!!

  9. There are so many kinds of pickles! My mother made sweet and dill, bread and butter, mustard pickles, and pickled beets. I’ve only made refrigerator pickles from radishes. Smith also makes refrigerator pickles from his cucumbers.
    You are a good planner when it comes to reading AND you mostly follow your plans. I’m fickle and a magpie when it comes to lists. I’ve got a few “honkers” planned (long term reading) and, of course, all the book groups and buddy reads. June and July will give me time to “read for fun” before the Booker season begins.

  10. Will do my best to focus on the 11 books on my nightstand-then check out what I’ve marked TBR on Goodreads. Will also be thinking about vacation reads which will most likely be digital/audio for convenience so will need to pick ones with engaging narrators, and probably short.

  11. Your summer reading is so organized! I’m more of a fly by the seat of my pants reader, prioritizing what comes in from Libby since those have a deadline. I would like to read one Outlander book this summer, though, I’ve been putting that off for way too long. You’re going to LOVE Tom Lake, it’s so so good!

  12. I was lucky to read an advance copy of Tom Lake. It is the perfect summer read! 🙂
    My own summer reading plans are . . . very loose. I have many books I’d like to read at some point, but no real “plans.” Enjoy implementing your summer reading plan, Mary!

  13. As usual, no “plans” for me, but just to read what comes along. My TBR list is very long (and grows weekly thanks to the blogs I read). I’m looking forward to reading outside (if not too buggy). I love making refrigerator pickles – easy, quick and delicious!

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