A Knitting Update.

It’s hard to remember when I shared posts about knitting at least once a week. I’m not knitting less … and I might even be knitting a little more since I’m not pausing as often to document the process? In any event, I miss those pauses. and I really miss the stories that those posts told about each project. So today I paused … I took photos, made notes, updated Ravelry, cleaned out my knitting bag … and celebrated with a new sweater on the needles:

current project view on Ravelry (you can find me here)

See what I mean about it being a while?! on the far right is Scalene, finished and blocked yesterday. then Lucca (kind of paused … because New Sweater on the needles). then Tassels (the mindless project I started when Scalene was nearly done). then the New Sweater.

First, a little celebration for Scalene. I used leftover Shibui Twig (from this sweater), a crisp, lightweight linen/silk blend. It’s going to be great for keeping my neck and shoulders warm in chilly indoor air. I tweaked a few bits of the pattern but nothing major.

Lucca is … progressing. I really found a rhythm with the lace and can only hope a short pause (New Sweater!) won’t set me back much.

Tassels is a delightful mindless project (once I wrapped my brain around the yarn overs and backwards yarn overs – truly genius to get the increased stitches to twist in opposite directions). Also, the yarn is fun! It’s from our Thomasville weekend and Saturday morning’s visit to The Fuzzy Goat for Local Yarn Shop Day.

and then there’s the New Sweater. It’s the Notice Spring Cardigan from favorite designer Ankestrick. Anke designed a twinset with the Notice sweater (which I’ve knit FOUR times) and I’m so happy to finally be knitting the cardigan! I had planned to use Holst Coast (in stash), but I’m loving the Voliere I’m using for Lucca so much, I ordered that for the cardigan. It’s a lace-weight linen blend, and it’s really pretty (and light) knit up in stockinette on a size 3 needle. Hopefully I’ll have some of that stockinette to share with y’all next week – today, it’s just … ribbing (on a size 2 needle)!

Summer knitting is off to a great start! Do you have something special planned for summer knitting?

Today was the last Summer Reading preview (a Zoom hosted by Annie at The Bookshelf) – so tomorrow I’ll be back to share more about my summer reading plans!

11 thoughts on “A Knitting Update.

  1. That pausing thing – I feel like it is a time for a pause and regroup for my knitting and reading and quilting. But the making is so much fun. Thanks for this update.

  2. Love seeing all this good stuff in the works! (I’m especially captured by your Scalene.) The only thing about you taking the photos instead of Marc is that we miss out on the fun outtakes! 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear your good review of the new(ish) KP yarn. I’ve only glanced at it but wasn’t sure what it would be like to knit with — such an unusual fiber combination! These all look like such great summery knits!

  4. So nice to have a knitting update from you again. Three scarves/shawls/wraps/whatever!! And they all look wonderful. Your latest sweater start also looks like a beautiful choice. I bet you have things finished in no time! I’m hoping to cast on my Shakerag Skirt today.

  5. Have the yarn wound and set aside for Tiny Tassels, Scalene, and One Lone Skein. Great progress on Shipshape sans stripes and Sabela. I’m goin to use some stash for another Vitamin D. I’m “hoping” this is all of my warm weather knitting, and am trying not to plan to far ahead for what’s next on the needles.

  6. Love your knitting updates, Mary. 🙂 I’ll be watching eagerly to see your Notice Spring cardigan come to life. I’ve had my eye on that one, too . . .

  7. This is a lovely knitting update! I’m intrigued by Scalene and Tassels. I considered some Voliere, but there are only two reviews on the KP site and one did not like the slubs. Happy knitting!

  8. You have so many beautiful projects on the needles. I’m over just trying to finish my sock. AND I will!

  9. What a lovely post about your projects. I wondered how that new KnitPicks yarn would work up so I’m glad to read about your experience. The Lucca is beautiful. Knitting with souvenir yarn is always fun. You have some great summer knitting on the needles. You might just have inspired me to clean out a knitting bag or two!

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