Thomasville Weekending.

We started talking about and planning this weekend last July … we chose Thomasville because it’s not too far for a long weekend (about 4 to 4-1/2 hours driving time) and we wanted to visit The Bookshelf in person. We chose this weekend – the 4th weekend in April – because it’s the Annual Rose Show (this year the 102nd!). I’d even booked a pet-friendly AirBnB last July, anticipating a puppy. Five of us (plus Lucy) had planned to go – me, Karen, Lydia, and good friends Penny (who now lives in Birmingham) and Becca. Unfortunately, Becca was sick and had to stay home – we missed her!

Our weekend got off to an exciting start Thursday evening when we heard tornado sirens – yikes! Nothing like sheltering in place for an hour in the bathroom to know you’re with good friends.

Thankfully, the weather for the rest of the weekend was fine. Our house was five blocks from downtown (a half-mile walk); we walked everywhere (and left the car parked at the house). Friday’s highlights included lunch at Sweet Grass Dairy, the Rose Show, and first trips to The Bookshelf and Fuzzy Goat. There’s a contest among the shops for Best Window Decorations; so much to see (I should’ve taken more photos!)

Friday evening was the parade and y’all, it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend! It started at 7pm and lasted over an hour. Loved seeing so many different parts of the community participate (and the evening couldn’t have been prettier).

We enjoyed a late dinner of Friday Night Snacks, wine, and knitting.

Smitten Kitchen’s garlic mushrooms with brie (aka “crack mushrooms”) were a real hit!

We enjoyed a later start on Saturday morning … because nothing opened til 11!

Karen, Lucy, and me

We went back to The Bookshelf and Fuzzy Goat for final purchases and one photo,

me, Karen, Lydia

and then celebrated successful shopping on the back patio of newly opened Tvelo Brewery.

Refreshed, we visited the Artisan Market that was happening just beyond that patio and had two great photo ops

Karen suggested one more shop – and it was another winner – The Hare & The Hart (nextdoor to The Bookshelf – what a great location!) She’d seen the Toile of Thomasville™ and we were all smitten. Owner (and toile designer Amy Hart) could not have been kinder; she signed the pieces we bought (see below) and posed for a photo.

me, Amy, Karen, Lydia in front of The Hare & The Hart

For the rest of Saturday, we stayed in … enjoyed a fantastic discussion about Once There Were Wolves (which we’d all decided to read in order to discuss while we were together), yummy leftovers, and – much later – a quick walk into the street to watch the closing fireworks. It was the first time I’d seen fireworks since early 2010 without a quaking puppy … Lucy didn’t notice the fireworks (she did, however, relish the attention from the neighbors who greeted her while they watched).

Sunday we finally visited The Big Oak; it’s very aptly named!

Then we packed up and drove home. happily uneventful. In the car, we finished listening to J. Ryan Stradal’s new Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club. loved it (and very fun to have a group listen for the trip)!

We’re talking about going back next April and I don’t think we’d change a thing (well, except to have Becca with us … and to skip the tornado part 😉 ) I’m sure we’ll all be ready for more books and yarn by then, too. Here’s what I brought home

I already have plans for those three skeins of yarn … a story for another post!

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  1. What a great weekend! Family, friends, books, yarn, and even the rose “rejects” look pretty good to me. I’m glad the tornado warning didn’t cause a prolonged disturbance, and I can see why you would want a return trip next year!

  2. Looks like you had a BEAUTIFUL weekend.

    Southern Living magazine just had an article on Thomasville. Looks like a wonderful town.

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend! I didn’t realize Brendan Slocumb’s new book was already out! He’s actually going to be in town this weekend for a relatively new book festival here, but M. and I have appointments to get our hair cut at the same time. Boo.

  4. that is the perfect weekend getaway!! My husband and I need to start doing something like this. But I hate to board Frodo who is already boarded a lot…so I need to think about this.

  5. What a wonderful weekend Mary! Your description of everything and your pictures make me want to go there pronto!! I hope your knee was not acting up…I noticed the knee brace.

  6. This sounds like such a fun weekend! I love toile and would really enjoy visiting that shop. Thanks for sharing the recap with us!

  7. A great photo journal of the weekend, and I wouldn’t change a thing except of course Becca coming and the tornado warning!! Just the right amount of all the things.

  8. What a perfect weekend for you all! Looks like such a fun time — and all your careful planning really paid off. XO

  9. What a wonderful weekend. The roses look beautiful to me. Books, flowers, snacks, yarn, and best of all good friends in this post make me happy for all of you.

  10. I let out big, happy sighs throughout this whole post. What a wonderful trip – so much coziness and fun! I love your book and yarn haul. What fantastic memories to take home with you! I am also impressed with how much you all cook together. Thank you for writing this post!

  11. What a great weekend! I can’t think of anything better. Lucy looks comfortable with all that’s going on around here and everything you did looks delightful! Wonder if I can do something like that around here. Maybe Park City!

  12. What a great recap of our trip! Can’t wait until next year – avec Becca and sans tornado!

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