TGIF | Early May.

The knockout roses are putting on a show this week! and I am loving all the color popping up across my Instagram feed … and look forward to seeing it in your blog posts, too. soon. I worked on my Thomasville post for a few hours yesterday and it still has a ways to go. the photos are (maybe?!) done, now it’s just crafting the story, which is started. So we’ll just have to look forward to all that, because I decided I’d feel more like myself with a TGIF post.

Thinking about … and only a very little bit. really. just acknowledging 😉 that I will not be watching the coronation OR the Kentucky Derby tomorrow. I’m pretty sure five years ago me would’ve been making watch party plans, complete with menu, drinks, and decorations. today me is thinking about a bookclub discussion about Demon Copperhead, boys baseball finals, and reading blogs. seasons.

Grateful for … (again) living close to Katie’s family and being able to help out. She needed to get the boys to different places for different sports’ practices at the same time yesterday afternoon. So I enjoyed a few minutes of car time with Charlie on the way to lacrosse. His teacher left for maternity leave last month and now they have a long-term sub to finish out the year. She hasn’t had her baby yet (as far as Charlie knows) and the new teacher is working out great, but he had a special class that day – about the Rain Forest and Bugs – so couldn’t report much about the new teacher. Oh. My. Carpool time is the best, isn’t it?! as is an hour at the practice field with a book!

Bel Canto is this month’s Patchett deep dive and I’m completely smitten

Inspired by … my May Three Things, Lydia and I made a sewing date for June 9! Before we get together, I need to figure out where I am with all those half-square triangles … then finish them, and maybe even assemble the quilt top. !!! I haven’t sewed in … ??!!

Finished! AND finally worn and photographed … my second Miromesnil, knit with Coast, doubled. Y’all I finished this the first weekend of April, tried it on (phew, it fit just like I wanted); and then waited until today for a chance to wear it when Marc could take photos. Sadly, I couldn’t find my notes about how I knit the sweater (and ugh, I searched), but my gauge was a lot smaller than the pattern suggested and I think I found a (larger) size that mostly worked. I’m pretty sure I had to tweak the yoke/increases, but … well … I have no idea. At this point I’m happy the sweater fits like I wanted it to, and that I got to wear it/take photos before summer sets in. It was in the 60’s today and the Coast doubled felt perfect for being outside. I LOVE this yarn!

The boys play their last baseball games of the season tomorrow afternoon and I’m hoping for some quiet time on Sunday afternoon to catch up with my book journal. Catching up with y’all is also (still) high on my list. Happy Weekend!

in our front yard

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  1. Happy Weekend Mary! I’m so over the Royals and tired of it all (couldn’t finish the last season of The Crown), I will not be watching the coronation. It kind of seems out of place today anyway. Your latest sweater addition is lovely and fits you perfectly. Well done! Looking forward to your sewing blogs with Lydia!!

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy.

    I always found the best conversations with our son and his friends was during car time on the way to a practice or competition. I think the fact that you are not eye-to-eye sure helps.

    You look beautiful in your new sweater. That is a lovely color on you.

  3. I love your outtakes! I hope you find your triangles for that sewing session. I printed the Cleo skirt pattern and found some “muslin” to make a sample – soon. Enjoy the weekend

  4. Car time with kids is definitely a special time – oh those things they say! As I’m reading this I’m watching the coronation. I didn’t get up early but I did turn it on after I made my coffee. And I made coronation chicken salad to have for lunch today and pimento cheese for cocktail hour as a nod to the Kentucky Derby

  5. Our roses have a lot of buds on them, but I haven’t seen anything blooming just yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time! I’m sure that car ride with Charlie was special to both of you. I’ve found lately that car rides can be a great time to chat with a kiddo because there are fewer distractions. Love the sweater! And looking forward to our discussion today. I did a lot of listening and watching of interviews yesterday to prepare.

  6. What pretty flowers. Your sweater is just lovely. And that car time with kids was always a good time for conversation. Sometimes when the kids had friends in the back seat with them, I just listened. I look forward to reading about your sewing.

  7. Oh the flowers-so lovely and the sweater is awesome! I’m very grateful for 2 days in a row to get out on Peggy Sue and my bicycle. The coronation was very interesting to watch, but more importantly a great chance to get caught up with an old friend. I remember the boys practices were a chance to have some “me” time which seems crazy!

  8. I’m another person commenting on how valuable car conversations were, both the ones with my own kids and the ones where I was driving my kids and their friends. At times it was almost like I was an invisible chauffeur and they would talk about almost anything.

    And your flowers are simply lovely!

  9. I’m excited and happy for you that you are involved with the grands and get to do ordinary things with them, so precious!! I did not watch either events and my previous self wouldn’t have a party, ha ha ha.

  10. Car conversations were always the most fruitful conversations with my kids — and ESPECIALLY with my son. I also liked listening in to the conversations when I was driving my kids and their friends. Boy, did I learn some interesting stuff during those drives . . . 😛 (Teenagers apparently think their drivers can’t hear . . . )
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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