Hello May.

Hello friends … Hello May! The rhododendrons on my morning walk are in full bloom just in time to share with y’all (that photo up top is from today’s morning walk). Our Thomasville weekend was wonderful and I’m excited to share more about that – and catch up! – with y’all later this week. Today, I’m looking ahead to May.

my new calendar view is from the end of school last year … what a difference another year makes!

Juliann shared about the rule of 3 on her Hello May post – which reminded me I still do this any day(s!) I need a bit more focus. I learned the technique from @elisejoy years ago (she’s still one of my favorite IG follows) – and whoa, it also prompted a quick revisit to spring 2020, when I shared a Three Things Today story on my Instagram EVERY SINGLE MORNING from late March through the end of May (wow. that was a quick – and somewhat emotional trip).

Long story (somewhat) short … I’m feeling like my still-feeling-scattered self could use a bit of structure, and the Three Things thing seems like a great way to start. #1 on today’s list was to share this post* and I’m getting that done!

May’s Three Things

Thing One: Celebrate porch time!

Thing Two: Plan a date to sew with Lydia.

Thing Three: Find cushions for the front porch rocking chairs.

I think it’s going to be a great month! What’s one thing on your May list?

*#2 and #3 had to do with my April reading … which – since it was already late and we had a baseball game to watch (sadly, Charlie’s team lost a close one – they’ll be playing for 3rd place on Saturday) – will likely be #1 and #2 tomorrow. Clearly 2023 me isn’t sharing any daily stories on Instagram. thank goodness.

15 thoughts on “Hello May.

  1. I also read about choosing a focus for each quarter – another idea I like. I am now remembering this Today’s Three Things but for some reason, it didn’t grab me at the time. Today I used about half a pad of sticky notes to plot out plans for fabric projects. One note is all about the Cleo skirt 😉

  2. Looking forward to hearing about Thomasville! One thing on my May calendar is to continue our “caretaking” at C&M’s home. There is lots to do and my thought is to now tackle one room at a time…taking it slowly. They won’t be back till late summer or early fall (just for a brief visit and then back permanently in January), so I have time. Meanwhile, I hope the lawn care guys have shown up – their yard looked like a jungle when we were over there on Sunday!

  3. Also looking forward to hearing about Thomasville! And…looking for new deck furniture cushions!

  4. Enjoy those three! (Love that sewing date swap you two came up with.) I’d love to hear where you find your cushions. That proved to be a bigger project than expected when trying to find some for our wicker. (Apparently the chair has a big bottom?! Harumph.)
    Happy May, Mary!

  5. I think it’s always a good thing when you’re too busy doing fun things to get to your to-do list. I’m excited for your porch time (and I certainly hope the weather here gets the message that May is an appropriate time to be sitting outside).

  6. I’m looking forward to hearing about Thomasville, too! I hope you and Lydia have fun with sewing. I did some yesterday and it’s a whole new skill set (that I don’t currently have). Maybe you can sew cushions for the porch chairs! 🙂

  7. Have fun sewing with Lydia. Buddying up on sewing projects seems like a good idea. Two sewists could get an assembly line project moving along. I’m looking forward to planting the garden and getting a few pots of basil going.

  8. I love that the Rule of 3 is a thing… I always try to set 3 goals for myself each day too. And sewing time? can’t wait to hear more about that!

    I was thinking of you yesterday. I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care!

  9. A little structure is always a good idea! My May thing (for right now anyway) is to get geraniums and petunias for my window boxes.

  10. Crazy that we are already in May. I do thrive on structure-fabric purchasing is top of my list. So many distractions- hey squirrel!

  11. Three Things…spit and shine the house as we have guest coming tonight. Make sure the patio looks as good as it can (flowerless) so we can have cocktails there, relax and let Smith do the cooking (yay, me!). Have fun. (I think we will!) whew

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