TGIF | Late April.

Hello friends and happy Friday! The photo at the top of this post is the pin oak in our front yard earlier this week. That tree was showing the earliest signs of leaves back on April 1 … and after a most welcome week of sunshine and blue skies, it’s now full of leaves. I know spring is proving a fickle season for many of y’all and I’m glad I can share a few signs of hope. (and promise me you’ll return that favor come August when we’ll be needing a glimpse of a cool morning or evening.)

Here’s what else is happening this week:

Thinking about … the Women’s Prize Short List. The official list will be announced on Wednesday the 26th. I picked up the last two titles (Bandit Queens and Fire Rush) on my personal long list reading plan from the library this morning. I’ve really enjoyed all the books I’ve read so far, but none have topped my initial favorites: The Marriage Portrait and Demon Copperhead. Here’s how I’d rank the books I’ve read (with the two still to-be-read at the end)

Every book I’ve read so far has been at least 4 stars – which is a real win! and I’m looking forward to seeing what other books the official short list puts on my TBR. I honestly have NO idea what to expect!

Grateful … that Lucy’s heat waited to arrive until I was back from Beaufort. Y’all. I was dreading it and it’s awful. She’s miserable. We aren’t sleeping great. I’m glad I’m here … just sitting with her in the chair.

Also grateful for Amazon Prime which promises delivery of a three-pack of reusable diapers (with a ruffle!) by 7pm today.

Inspired by … multiple conversations about quilting and sewing with Lydia last weekend (a few of which took place where I was wearing one of my three Cleo skirts) to be planning some sewing! She’s promised to support me through the finish of the half-square triangle quilt I started (back in 2021!) and I’ve promised to support her through a Cleo skirt or three. Actually, we are both planning to sew Cleo skirts … they are really the perfect “bottom” for our climate and a cute print skirt is the perfect match for a handknit sweater!

Finishedthat 4th Ankers Top I shared with y’all two Fridays ago. It was one of the tops I packed for Beaufort and I wore it Friday (and then again yesterday, and today). Lydia took photos.

also, thanks to all the chair time with Lucy, my next sweater is CLOSE to finished. It only needs short sleeves, a neckband, and a few ends woven in. (compared to another recent “stripes” finish, this one will be a piece of cake!)

Wishing you the best weekend available. with one last peek at an early rhodie bloom, spotted on today’s morning walk.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those stripes, Mary–as I knew I would, based on the Beaufort post! 🙂 And what fun reciprocity, your quilting/sewing support with Lydia!
    I am fully appreciating your doggy diapers over here… We have a partially paralyzed pup who’s in diapers 100% of the time. But hers don’t have a ruffle! This is the only heat you need to endure before spaying, is that right?

  2. Oh, poor Lucy. I can tell from that first photo that she is not a happy camper. How long does heat usually last? (I really know nothing about this stuff — the dog I grew up with was spayed before we got her.) The Ankers top looks great, and I’m really liking that stripey top, even if it makes me a little dizzy if I look at it too long!

  3. Oh, my! Lucy looks so unhappy. Poor little baby. They grow up so quickly. Love seeing your green trees and rhodies. Please show more of the rhodies when they’re in full bloom!
    Love the color of your new Ankers Top! Your new Stripes is fabulous! I have long wanted a mini-stripe black and white T but never found one that fit. Of course, you knit your own!
    My ranking on the Women’s Prize would be a little different as I love Glory so much. It would be my second choice before Demon. I think you’ll end up moving Bandit Queen’s. I’d rank it after Stone Blind.

  4. Such lovely knits – that coral colour is so pretty on you, and I do love stripes! Sorry to read about Lucy – I’ve never had a dog, so am having to do some googling to find out. Lovely to see your tree with its leaves on already, as most of ours are not out yet, given the long very cool Spring.

  5. Oh Lucy does look miserable, and I’m sure she’s enjoying the chair time. And wow- such progress on the stripes! Looking forward to our sewing adventure-am so close to finishing the current project.

  6. The rhodie hint is gorgeous! Sorry for what Lucy is going through. I’m sure it is no fun for her either. I’ve only ever had cats…and spayed, so no idea what you are dealing with. Good luck! I loved “Marriage Portrait” and just finished “Trespasses” which I enjoyed, but it almost seemed more “fluff” to me. I’m skipping Demon Copperhead – I like Kingsolver’s early books, but not her later ones. Hope your weekend has been a good one. Looking forward to your sharing what you and Lydia create together.

  7. Okay. Those stripes are just fabulous, Mary! 🙂 And . . . ugh . . . about Lucy’s heat. Y’know . . . I have never had a dog (or cat) in heat. I can’t imagine it would be much fun. Hope it’s over quickly, and you can get on with your usual Lucy routine.

  8. Poor Lucy does not look happy! Too bad she can’t even be distracted by books or knitting. I’m looking forward to the announcement on Wednesday. Marriage Portrait was so good but I’ve only read a couple of the other books so it will be a surprise for me.

  9. The sweaters look like great spring/summer wear. Three cheers for some buddy sewing. With retail prices rising, I’m wondering if sewing a skirt would be more economical. I wish I had better local fabric selection.

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