Beaufort 2023.

This past weekend was our 13th(!!!yes, this amazes all of us!) … and happy to report it lives up to all our shared expectations. From my perspective, the weekend is all about sharing this place with my family-who-are-friends. Here’s what that looked like this year:

getting “us” into the picture – always me, Karen, and Lydia, plus a few with our mom and/or Charlie (our family friend for 45+ years and the real reason Beaufort is our “home away from home”).

making and sharing meals – cooking with Karen and Lydia was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

morning walks with Lydia (all are welcome … it just ended up being the two of us).

games! crossword puzzles (a family favorite – my mom saves her Sunday paper puzzles for weekends like this this) and two nights of Uno Wild, which is very fun because “every card is wild!”

We stayed at a new-to-us place this year, just outside of the neighborhood we’d been in for all our previous trips. It was a great house, all on one level, with a great kitchen and dining area, and lovely outdoor space – a covered porch AND a landscaped patio with dining. We’ve lost track of how many different places we’ve stayed in over the years, but we would all be happy to call this new place home for our next visit.

and one last look from the drive home … a bit of scenery before the interstate on Monday morning.

We started a new route last year … which turns out to be faster and more scenic (even the requisite Starbucks stop is easier). and maybe that set the perfect tone for our future trips. I wouldn’t change a thing for next year … and that feels like a lovely summary!

15 thoughts on “Beaufort 2023.

  1. Family, good friends, good food, and what looks like lovely weather in a lovely place – you can’t beat that! I’m glad you all had such a nice time.

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Uno Wild? EVERY CARD IS WILD??! This is all new to me and something I have to look into. Thank you!

    And this trip? It looks magical. I love that you all teamed up and cooked for all (but 1!) of your meals. And your food looks like it came from a restaurant! Those sandwiches made my mouth water!

    So glad you all found a home that you love and I’m already looking forward to Beaufort 2024!

  3. A route that is faster AND more scenic?! That’s almost unheard of! Jackpot, for sure.
    Looks and sounds blissful (…and I’m eyeballing that stripy knit..)

  4. Great memories from a great trip. I am very fortunate and blessed to be part of this family.

  5. What a greate weekend for y’all. Your trips always look like such fun – you are fortunate (as am I) that your family all gets along and you have great friends. Was the place you stayed an AirBnB?

  6. What a lovely getaway, Mary! You’ve got your travel routine down pat. It looks just glorious, Mary. And a perfect way to refuel your tanks. Thanks for taking us along. XO

  7. How splendid! A glorious place, loved ones with you, nice weather, and delicious … no wonder you want to do it all over again next year :).

  8. What an amazing get-away with family and friends. Seeing your smiles and the beautiful scenery warms my heart. I’m so glad you had such a good time.

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