TGIF | Early April.

Happy Friday, friends! I had some time before church this noon, grateful that our senior pastor would be leading the service in person (he was quarantined in Ireland with COVID last year, and recordings were posted on YouTube the two years before), and wondered what else was different from last year. I found this blog post, also written on Good Friday (April 15 last year). Our weather is following the same pattern, right down to the weekend forecast – y’all it’s 78 degrees right now and tomorrow’s high will be 52, with rain. I visited the prayer labyrinth after the service; and that pink dogwood (also pictured above) has become a Good Friday ritual. happy sigh. I love how this blog helps me remember!

Thinking about … spring and summer knitting. and enjoying how “on brand” that feels! When I started that April list on Monday, I really was thinking ONE more top. and then I looked at the yarn I had, while a few more inspirations landed in my inbox and my Instagram feed, and now I have this

on Ravelry here

… with yarn on hand to knit everything but the main color of Early Bloomer (assuming I can stick with white for the contrast … I really love Heidi’s low contrast with the gray and the pink – maybe I can make that work with gray … or a high contrast with bright blue?) I need to figure out at least one next sweater soon, because our Beaufort trip is less than a week away (and I’ll be riding shotgun for a lot of highway miles).

Grateful for … Krista Tippett’s conversation with Barbara Brown Taylor (from On Being here) (Juliann shared one of my favorite parts here), and this Lenten season. my small group meeting in person. inspiring devotions. making time to study, ponder, and pray. seeking out and seeing signs of (re)new(ed) life. and Easter Sunday in the sanctuary, with full brass (and our pastor, in person).

Inspired by … an email and an Instagram post from Julie Hoover to (re?)commit to knitting Lucca. During COVID, my knitting group (which met on Zoom) knit Lucca … I’m pretty sure I suggested the pattern. and I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who frogged her project. I still love the piece, and maybe my brain is finally back to a place where I can knit a BUNCH of rows of charted lace?! We’ll see. I logged my intent in the Ravelry group (here) and feel like it’s a good sign the cast-on Zoom happens at a time I can attend. I have a few possibilities for yarn … sadly, I need to swatch for one of those summer tops (above) to help me decide. I do know I want to use a linen, silk, or cotton blend because this will be a summer wrap for me.

Fun … I tried on TWO projects today. On the left is Miromesnil and on the right is my 4th Ankers.

not fun – I have a bit of documentation to do. Still … both sweaters are on track to fit!

Wishing you the best weekend available, with one last spring photo (which I promise is from yesterday – and not the one I shared last week!). However … IS there a photo you like to take every year? like my pink dogwood above?

8 thoughts on “TGIF | Early April.

  1. Sweaters on track to fit is excellent.
    Yes – that podcast has been filling my thought a lot today too. I picked up Curious Faith today and already own Leaving Church so goes my TBR stack.
    Still a bit cold and breezy here but enough hints of spring to have all the things blooming so lots of pollen and such.
    So good you could get to an in person service today. Hope you weekend is lovely too

  2. Look at all those spring/summer sweaters. The lineup makes my heart sing. I am also looking forward to Easter Sunday in the sanctuary with the brass, full choir, a magnificent pipe organ, and the lilies. It’s the highlight of Spring. I seem to take a lot of winter sunset photos. Your yearly photos are beautiful.

  3. You have so much potential and joy in this post. The picture I take over and over is the Mountains! As everyone knows. 😉

  4. Even when you’ve done all the swatching and the math to make sure a sweater will fit, there’s always that moment of panic before you try it on and the wonderful relief that follows when you know for sure it’s on track.

    Our dogwood is *just* about to bloom — I am literally checking on it several times a day. And the trees at the back of our house are blooming right now, and those flowers don’t last long, so I’m trying to enjoy them as much as possible while they last.

    Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  5. Happy Friday, need to ponder what I want to knit next and will definitely need to visit the LYS next week as I have nada when it comes to warm weather yarn. Wishing the rain would GO AWAY. Happy Easter!

  6. I hope your Easter weekend was enjoyable. I was in Virginia most of last week and what a treat those blooms were! Here’s to spring knitting…currently trying to figure that out!

  7. Happy Easter! It’s like summer time here (along with the pollen!) and we are enjoying the sunny blue skies. I think it’s going to get cold again. I am excited to work on the baby blanket.

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