Hello April.

Hello friends … Hello April! It’s Spring Break here this week, which means it’s uncharacteristically quiet (Katie and her family are vacationing in California, so no boys after school and no baseball). I’m enjoying the open space in my calendar, feeling a good bit of spring fever, and getting ready to embrace this new season!

Monday morning

Brandi Kincaid’s latest newsletter included a fun printable to write a “lovely list”. Here’s what I noted for April:

Those first two are actual weekend road trips (I’ll be away from home seven nights total … which is more than I’ve traveled since 2019!) The first, to Beaufort, South Carolina is next weekend. This will be our 13th weekend in Beaufort (what a trip down memory lane). Except for staying in a new-to-us house in a new-to-us part of town, we’re planning mostly a repeat of last year. Grocery shopping to cook and eat in, games, walks through historic downtown, and porch time.

The second, to Thomasville, Georgia is the last weekend of April. My sister and sister-in-law, along with two other knitting/reading friends (Becca and Penny), are going for The Rose Festival, The Bookshelf, Fuzzy Goat (the two shops I scouted when Katie and I visited in February), along with plenty of walks (Lucy is going, too!) and porch time. Planning is underway … more to come.

of course there’s reading and knitting, a few projects (including refreshing the rocking chairs on our front porch), and getting back to the park … which Lucy and I did this morning. We were last there on my birthday (mid-November feels like so long ago … a different season for sure). Today we walked the full trail – two miles total – and enjoyed every step. The wild azaleas are putting on a show!

I don’t think it’s a place we’ll walk often because Lucy needed a bath when we got home (which we both dislike immensely). It is a great way to tire her out, though; she’s been sound asleep for the last hour and she’s not even snoring. Maybe we’ll try to go a few times each month … it’s surely one of my favorite places to see the seasons.

What lovely things do you have planned for April?

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  1. My April plans include more rest as I continue to battle this cough, reading something light (currently a mystery), knitting, stitching, and buying some sweet pea plants (because I think I missed the window to sow seeds). I would be lovely to see the temps get above 49 degrees too but I will try to manage my expectations 😂

  2. You have a busy (but fun!) month ahead! I am hoping to read more Women’s Prize books, finish some sweaters, and get my garden going this month.

  3. Wow, those azaleas are a magnificent colour … And a visit to a bookstore with friends and loved ones? What’s not to like! I enjoyed reading your list – a great mix of the practical and the personal, though my heart quakes at the thought of re-shelving books! I really need to lift all ours down, cull and dust them, but I’m not feeling the love, alas. I like the thought of being intentional about the season ahead (I’m reminded of Emily P Freeman); thank-you for the memory-jog and that’s my next right thing :).

  4. Glad I get to be part of what’s on your list or April. I’ll add 2 new quilt projects, and as many belly rubs and outdoor porch time as possible with Sophie.

  5. Your upcoming trips sound wonderful and April has a lot of other good things in store for you, too. The thing I’m most excited about is going camping again!

  6. Two trips sound wonderful, and they both sound like a lot of fun. It almost feels like things are back to normal (whatever that is anymore). Those wild azaleas are lovely shades that we rarely see around here. I’m excited about eating egg salad on Sunday! (Can you tell I never make egg salad?)

  7. What a lovely list for April. The park looks beautiful. I hope to get some pansies out on the front porch and do some strategic planning for a new flower bed. My sister and I plan to get together with our husbands for a meal and I’d love to finish up the two shawls on my knitting needles.

  8. Such nice things on your April list, Mary! Such great ways to celebrate spring. And . . . poor little Lucy. Dogs and baths . . . do any dogs LIKE them??? (JoJo – and Jenny before her – LOVES to swim in any body of water. But hate, Hate, HATE an actual bath. Go figure. . . )

  9. I also plan to refresh my patio (uncover the chairs and maybe even set up the umbrella. More walks with Mylo as the snow melts away. (Begone!) Feel the sun on my face!! Search out all the little blossoms that are surely there to see! Your trips sound so fun and good for the soul!

  10. Your weekend trips sound wonderful! I hope the weather improves in April, I’d like it warmer (but not too hot) and then I will get out my patio furniture and get some gardening done.

  11. Your list is a nice mixture of things to do that will bring you joy! And your upcoming two trips sound so lovely. We take off this Saturday for a little trip – some days in Suffolk, VA with family, then some days in Chapel Hill with friends, back to Suffolk and then back home in a little over a week. I need to figure out (soon) what to take for knitting, reading and stitching! Oh yeah, and clothes too.

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