TGIF | End of March.

ooh boy it was tempting to title this one Almost April, but I decided to let March have its full complement of FIVE Fridays. I do love a month that ends on a Friday to allow the new month to start on a weekend, and it feels like April might need that kind of easy start. Here’s what’s happening for me right now … on this last day of March:

Thinking about … a “life-giving fast”. One of the suggested practices in my Lenten devotion this week is “…refraining from activities that drain or destroy, to channel your energy toward what brings you alive.” One of the best things I ever did for myself was for Lent 2020 (it started on February 26); I gave up complaining about the President. At the time, I wanted to free up that space for something positive, like prayer. I didn’t stop that practice when Easter came … and the whole craziness that was 2020, and 2021, and … the thing I realized about sending negative energy to ANYthing is that it still fed energy to that thing. it still took up space in my brain, my heart, my body… What gives me life are connections with people (and one special dog) I care about, quiet time, walks outside, cooking, reading (some things), knitting (some things), doing something “to make things better”. and I love when a few of those things happen together. Cooking/eating with friends, discussing a book, walking Lucy, meeting with friends to plan a Moms Demand Action event. This week was a great reminder for a practice that feels like a no-brainer and a game-changer.

Grateful for … wrapping up our taxes. I sent the final signed paperwork to our accountant this morning and he confirmed the returns are filed. There were some last-minute questions on Tuesday (one of those unplanned things I alluded to in Wednesday’s post) that resulted in a bit of work, two phone calls to our financial team, and ultimately led to a positive outcome. and being DONE … in March!

Inspired by … a marathon ironing session this week (y’all, I ironed napkins that I used when I hosted dinner club in January), and then finding that my closet is actually full of options! I’ve worn two blouses that I remember loving with scarves (a kind of new-to-me thing that works great in this transition season), and new pants (that fit), make-up, and shoes 🙂 I haven’t been excited about actually getting dressed in a while. and this feels good. (also, I hope this inspires me to iron more often – like maybe every time I do laundry? if anyone has tips to encourage me, please share!)

Fun … Charlie and Sam are both very much into jokes and riddles these days. Here are two I heard this week:

from Charlie: Why didn’t the professional basketball player go away for Spring Break?
me: hummm…?
Charlie: He didn’t want to be called for Traveling.
me: 🙂

from Sam: Knock knock
me: who’s there?
Sam: apple
me: apple who?
Sam: knock knock
me: who’s there?
Sam: apple
me: apple who?
Sam: knock knock
me: let me tell it.
Sam: ok.
me: knock knock
Sam: who’s there?
me: orange
Sam: orange who?
me: orange you glad I didn’t say apple?
(whew! and giggles)

Wishing you the best weekend – and the best start for April – available. xxoo.

this is us last night … audiobook (Bleak House – I’m LOVING it!) and knitting.

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  1. Those are lovely azaleas and one content Lucy! Things were better for me without complaining about TFG but it’s a little harder now to keep him out of my brain – but still something worth trying. I gave up ironing when John retired, but I wish you fun with yours! 🙂

  2. What beautiful azaleas. Today, for the first time this Spring, I saw miniature daffodils blooming in two yards. I will be thinking about a “life-giving fast.” I know that focus on something easily becomes who I am but to see the concept phrased as a “life-giving fast” is a powerful reframe. Have a good weekend.

  3. Jack loves to tell jokes, too, and it’s so fun isn’t it? I’m glad you have so much good going on in your life, Mary.

  4. I think you are very wise to give up, for good, anything that doesn’t bring joy and only takes up precious brain space. I need to work on being better at that, a rather difficult task for this worrier. It’s so nice to see how well Lucy has settled in in just a few short months. I know she’s still got a lot of puppy in her, but she clearly has a good idea of what life is like for her. Congrats on getting the taxes done and happy April!

  5. I also love a month that ends on a Friday. Our taxes are signed sealed and delivered, and all I had to do was sign!! I very rarely, if every, give brain space to things I can do nothing about or change.

  6. I love your recognition that complaining is a drain on OURSELVES — what a wonderful idea to spend that time doing something positive for ourselves. This week was hard and full of reasons to be upset and heartbroken…. how wonderful that you’re part of an organization that is DOING SOMETHING about it. Thank you for your work with Moms Demand Action.

    I only use my iron when I’m quilting but I wish I was one of those people who washed and lined dried our laundry and then ironed it all. The smell would be simply amazing! Can you imagine?

  7. I’m one of those weird people who does not mind ironing. I love the scent (especially when ironing linen or cotton) and I find it to be a very meditative activity (kneading dough when making bread is also the same for me). I also have some linen spray (rosemaray scented) that is lovely. We use tablecloths and many have to be ironed. I don’t usually iron our napkins though. Lucy sure looks happy and content – knitting and a puppy in your lap – a lovely start to a new month!

  8. Such pretty azaleas … we’re only at the daffodil stage here and we’re still getting frosts, so blouses and scarves are still tucked away in the wardrobe! Glad you’ve been enjoying discovered what you have, in lots of ways. It is so hard to remain engaged with what is happening and yet not let one’s feelings about it pull one down …

  9. I LOVE ironing napkins, even pillow cases and I have a table cloth I need to package up. It is a special one Smith’s grandmother made with cutout shapes! So beautiful and precious. I only trust myself to handle it with care. Flowering bushes and trees. Flowers, period! I can’t wait! (We had three more inches!)

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