TGIF | Late March.

I didn’t intend to take a whole week’s break from this space … but y’all it’s sunny and 80 – for the second day in a row!! – and maybe I have just a smidge of spring fever? I do love that there is still a WHOLE week left in this month, so other things I set aside might also get some much-needed (and well-deserved) attention next week, too. Isn’t it wonderful how sunshine and short sleeves make all the things seem possible?!

Thinking about … how fortunate we are to have the boys so close. It’s a game changer in all the good ways, especially now that spring sports are underway. There was Sam’s baseball on Saturday, after school on Monday, Charlie’s lacrosse on Tuesday, Grandparent’s Day at school yesterday, and Charlie’s baseball this evening. We made Smitten Kitchen’s Two Giant Cookies (from Smitten Kitchen Everyday – similar here) on Monday and it was a perfect after school activity (seriously, there was reading and math, and fun food). Also, we made three cookies (one for me!) and you can see they were still plenty big.

Grateful for … my long-time friendship with Francie. I met Francie the day I started work, fresh out of college, in June 1983. I was 20. Flash forward almost FORTY years and here we are.

She was in town for a few days and we met for coffee Saturday morning. I last saw her in 2017 (blogged here) and we still connected like the dear friends we are after just a few minutes.

Inspired by … my Blackwell’s orders and library hold(s? so far just one has come in) to start reading more of the Women’s Prize longlist in April.

The stack just to the right are more April books, just not Women’s Prize, and that (yikes!) stack on the far right are March books I need to update in my journal.

Fun … my sister and I had plans to meet up at Sam’s baseball game on Saturday morning and then go for lunch. The freezing temperatures delayed Sam’s game, so we met for lunch first. It wasn’t (technically) freezing, but wow it was windy. and the “fun” restaurant we were sure allowed us to sit outside on a covered patio with heaters was “no dogs” … so we ended up outside in the wind.

My sister is the best … not only to sit out in that … but also to take – and share! – photos.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

10 thoughts on “TGIF | Late March.

  1. Oh my – would love some of that warmth over here please! Isn’t that time right after school the best. I hear some fun stories on the drive home. So good you can have more of these moments.

  2. Aren’t good friends a blessing? You two look so sweet together. I am glad your grandsons live so near to you. The proximity would be so so wonderful. I enjoy your book stacks. I am becoming a book snob. I ordered some used books from Better World Books because of their book philanthropy. I have five stacked up but dislike the inventory stickers on the spines. They do not peel off neatly. I will go back to Powell’s Bookstore in Oregon for used books. Their descriptions of the condition of their used books more closely match my expectations. Blackwells is a good resource so thank you for mentioning it previously.

  3. So many wonderful moments with such special people this week. And, wow—Charlie looks so grown up!?! Lucky boys, lucky grandparents ❤️.

  4. Wow – a week full of friendship and family! I’m so glad you got to spend so much time with everyone.

    And that stack of books 😍 LOVE IT!

  5. Wow! That is windy! I was thinking about Francie the other day. So glad y’all were able to meet up. Old friends do make the best friends.

  6. The very best friends are the ones you can see after a long time apart and feel like no time has passed at all. Love the photos of Lucy in the wind! The cookies look pretty amazing, too.

  7. As Katie said: Friendship and Family – nothing better! So glad the boys are close by – they are growing up so quickly!

  8. Can you read or knit while you’re at baseball games? 🙂 Even if not, you’ve all got a pretty nice life living close enough to bake giant cookies!

  9. Must say I am a tiny bit envious of your weather. We have snow AGAIN today. It is beautiful, I’ll give it that. Mylo isn’t fond of the wind as it blows his ears and beard just as it is Lucy’s! She is SO cute. You have so much in your life, good friends, wonderful family, and all give so much joy!

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