Looking Back | February.

Time’s a goon.

Jennifer Egan, A Visit from the Good Squad

I’ve already talked (so much!) about how much I enjoyed and learned from Liz Lamoreux in her Five Things workshop. I captured a lot of those learnings in my last OLW post. Those mostly looked to right now and tomorrow; I saved two of them for looking back.

Five Favorite Things

  1. Mondays with the boys.
  2. A new spring pedicure (Feb 25) – a combo of OPI’s The Beige of Reason and Tickle my France-y … my pandemic toes are finally recovering!
  3. Re-reading!
  4. New make-up.
  5. Getting out and about … a bit more.

Five Things I Want to Remember

  1. Lucy learned to climb the stairs (she’s since un-learned that lesson, but still, I have the photo that proved she could do it once!)
  2. The trees and the daffodils. Spring arrived in early February.
  3. Thomasville! (and mostly the one on one time with Katie)
  4. Lucy at six months … predictable and reliable … and delightful.
  5. We need a “good” photo from our dinner club.

Yes! our Go-To Dinners Club had our second meeting on the 26th … my sister hosted:

Of course it was lovely and delicious, and I wish I had a better photo of US to remember it. Lydia and Sara made their recipes as written (both were more than plenty for six – maybe cut back a bit?) Polly doubled her recipe to be sure of leftovers (she had them). and Katie made the lemon meringue squares the day before and they were great (note that the recipe makes way more than the six pieces shown … and those six pieces were plenty). Finally, the mussels were fantastic. a bit hands on for the prep, but wow, it was so worth it!

Continuing from last month, I also contributed a few posts to #wordsandwool2023

and … all finished! my first monthly wheel – I’m not even sure what kind of wheel it is? … I’m tracking the weather, temperatures, moon, sunrise/sunset, mood, and the pain in my knee.

This is my first month, so it’s too soon to draw conclusions. Voltaren does seem to work. and my mood was pretty good. also the sun didn’t shine much, but maybe it was enough?

And that’s my February. is there something special you want to remember from last month?

11 thoughts on “Looking Back | February.

  1. I enjoy the Five Things Approach to reflection. The dinner looks delicious though I think I’d be partial to the asparagus and the lemon meringue squares. It looks as if you had a very thoughtful February.

  2. What a fun meal! It looks delicious. And I love your phenology wheel. I used to do them but they are a LOT of work! So glad to read that your medication has been working well – I hope you continue to feel better!

  3. That meal looks absolutely delicious! Do you have a favorite recipe from the book so far that you’ll add to your dinner rotation? Maybe I just have food on my mind – I took dinner to Justin’s yesterday and dinner to my SiL tonight. Tomorrow I want to stay home and selfishly cook for myself!

  4. The wheel for tracking is wonderful. Do you have a template or drawing it out with tools? Looks a bit daunting. Love the books and knitting match ups.

  5. I like your wheel a lot. It looks like more than I might want to do, but I like the idea and the creativity of it. The dinner looks scrumptious!

  6. The dinner looks absolutely delicious — and very professional, too! I always know that Ina’s recipes are good, but usually my dishes don’t come out looking quite as good as hers (though of course I know there’s a team working on hers to make them look great).

    I think what I’ll remember most about this February is how unusually warm it was. We set a new record with three days in the month with a high of 70 or higher, and it was the least-snowy February ever here. And then guess what we woke up to this morning?!

  7. The wheel is very cool! I love the idea of a supper club and I’m hoping to get some friends on board to do this seasonally.

  8. Your dinner club is enviable! We need to talk more about your wheel! Rereading! It is so fabulous but at a time when the Prize books are piling up it’s a little, well, sad! LOL When Lucy learns to go up and down the stairs, your life will change! LOL

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