TGIF | Hello March.

Hello friends and happy first Friday of March. Y’all know I love Fridays and this month has five, so it’s already off to a great start.

Thinking about … wonder. enchantment. awe. curiosity. mystery. saying yes. unknowing. I read the opening pages for March in Seasons of Wonder last night and jotted down all those words. I also have Katherine May’s latest Enchantment (just out this week) … so much to think about. so much to explore!

Grateful for … the time change. I came very late to embracing this bit of March, but after months of poor sleep, my internal clock needs a reset! I find it’s easiest if I “lose” the hour on Saturday afternoon. When the clock says it’s 3pm, I’ll tell myself it’s 4 and then enjoy the rest of the day as usual. With luck, I’ll be ready for bed around 9:30 or 10pm, and ready to be up at 5:30 the next morning. (reminder – it’s next weekend – we jump forward an hour at 2am on Sunday, March 12.)

Inspired by … book prize season. Two of my favorite fiction prizes announce their long lists this month. The Women’s Prize long list is announced on March 7 and the International Booker on March 14. I’m very new to reading enough new releases to enjoy the long lists and this is the first year I made up my own list of Long List Predictions for the Women’s Prize (shelved here on Goodreads):

I’ve actually read 11 of these 16 titles … and I’m so excited for Tuesday’s announcement!

Fun … I mentioned in my Thomasville post that I tried some new makeup. It’s Westman-Atelier and y’all, I’m hooked. and the fun part is that Michele Wang is a fan, too. Michele Wang as in the knitwear designer (I’ve actually knit four of her designs) turned YouTube make-up artist. This “full face” video was hugely helpful when I made my first purchases. and YouTube make-up videos are a whole new (fun!) thing for me … how about you?

…and in closing, so many of y’all welcomed all the signs of spring I shared in Tuesday’s post and would you believe we haven’t seen the sun since then? It’s so gray and wet. Even saying that, I do feel a little bit like Julia Roberts in that dinner party scene in Notting Hill where she tries to win the brownie. So here’s a poorly lit photo of something good about to happen.

May your March be full of good things and better lighting!

11 thoughts on “TGIF | Hello March.

  1. Hopefully we’ll see the sun soon and not so much of the wet stuff. Happy Friday and Hello March.

  2. Hello March and a very happy Friday to you. Your photos of book covers are always inspiring. It looks as if you have some very good reading coming up as you peruse the prize lists.

  3. I’m also anxiously awaiting Tuesday’s announcement. I’ve read seven of your predictions and enjoyed them all. I’ll wait to see what’s on the list before I decide whether I want to tackle the long list or wait for the short list. The nice thing about it being a British prize is that we get the announcement earlier in the day!

  4. I’ve only read two but loved them both and love watching this process through your eyes! 1/2 foot of snow greeted us this morning…bring on the green!

  5. We left Rochester just in time. The sun is shining in Wisconsin today, but Rochester got 4-6 inches of snow (depending on your exact location.) There were a few daffodils trying to poke through the soil when we left. I loved looking at your guesses for the Women’s Prize. I’m well into Babel right now, and loving it. Am awed by the amount of information required to write this book, and the youth of the author–who has yet another novel coming out in May!

  6. Yesterday was dark with heavy rain and sustained 30-40 mph winds, the rain turned to hard snow pellets by the afternoon as the temperature fell. I was glad to wake up to a calm, sunny day this morning!
    I have read seven books on your prediction list and several of the others are on my TBR list. I always look forward to the prize lists, I enjoy reviewing the books and choosing the ones that are most right for me to read.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I’m not sure I can describe myself as grateful for the time change next weekend, but it will happen whether I like it or not! I am looking forward to Tuesday’s announcement, especially because I’m floundering a bit with book choices of my own and can’t seem to settle on anything. I am also looking forward to more signs of spring here!

  8. Looking forward to more signs of Spring. I’m looking forward to retirement and then not paying attention to the time change! LOL I’ve read some of your predictions…will be fun to see what makes the cut.

  9. I’m finally catching up and just have to say how wonderful it is to see so much SPRING in your posts! From blooming flowers to activities! I’m waiting for snow to melt (and hoping that the stuff in the forecast finds someplace else to fall!).

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