Season | February 2023.

Being in conversation with myself through words, phrases, intentions, listing is how I make sense of my world.

Liz Lamoreux

I participated in Liz’s Five Things class this month; it was amazing. In addition to the daily “list five things …” prompts, she also shared songs, poems, something creative, and something fun. I’m going to miss those daily emails and I’m thinking about ways I can continue some of that creative inspiration on my own. One thing for sure, I’m going to keep making lists. Yesterday, Liz reminded us “it feels powerful to create a snapshot of where we are right now – what we are experiencing, feeling, seeing, doing, noticing.” This feels like the perfect format for checking in with my one little word.

Noticing … the impact of the weather and the moon phases on my mood and my knee.

Seeing … so many signs of spring.

Hearing … birdsong and windchimes.

Feeling … lighter.

Eating … peanut butter & graham crackers, avocado toast, and caesar salad.

Drinking … coffee, hot water with lemon, red wine.

Wearing … skinny jeans and short sleeves (and it wasn’t until after I took this photo today that I noticed how similar it is to last month).

Exercising … walking Lucy 2-3 miles each day (a one-mile walk 2-3 times), knee strengthening 5-6 times a week, and shoulder strengthening 2-3 times a week.

Reading … Little Women (I have one chapter left). Up next The Twyford Code.

KnittingSTRIPES! (I’m almost done with the first sleeve). Up next Miromesnil with Coast doubled … in black.

Going … every week to my mom’s, the library, and church (twice – Friday morning for small group and Sunday morning for worship) … and beginning this Saturday – to the ballpark for baseball!

Shifting … out my winter layers. I washed six of my warmest sweaters yesterday.

Looking forward to … the boys’ baseball.

Dreading … Lucy’s first heat. I’m contractually obligated to let her have one season … and I’m dreading it because I have no idea what to expect or when to expect it (the unknown is hard for me). She’s 6-1/2 months old now … it could be any time?!

Noted today: sunrise/sunset (EST) – 7:07am/6:33pm. low/high temps (F) – 55/79.

It feels very much like beginnings more than endings, or maybe I’m just in a forward thinking place? I’m curious to see where this next month takes me.

With much gratitude to Carolyn for hosting our monthly check-in … and to all of you for being here.

actual sun on this afternoon’s walk!

16 thoughts on “Season | February 2023.

  1. I cannot wait to stop wearing all the layers but it seems that might be a longer wait. The winter season is holding on tightly. I love how you are noticing so much.

  2. It is always so amazing to me . . . how much earlier spring shows up for you than for me. We’re still a long way off from those kind of spring “markers” here in Michigan, yet I know they will get here . . . eventually. (Tom and I used to dread the start of spring sports. Because here? They start in March, too! But the weather is just a lot . . . grosser. I remember so many baseball and lacrosse games . . . bundled up in every layer imaginable AND sitting under sleeping bags to watch. Ugh. Don’t miss THAT at all. . . ) 😉

  3. I am afraid I will jinx things by washing any sweaters until I reliably don’t need them any more! I think you’re probably safe, though, seeing as you are about a month ahead of me in terms of weather trends and spring things growing. But I am definitely feeling the sense of beginnings with everything starting to get a little greener and the days getting longer.

  4. I love seeing your signs of spring even though I know ours is still weeks away, it’s a nice preview of what’s to come for us. Enjoy every moment of this season!

  5. Your season looks like spring in full force! It’s still winter here, finally with snow, ice, and cold temps this morning. We’re going to visit the tax man this morning so I’m kind of dreading tax season!

  6. All that sunshine! Sigh! I am nodding with Sarah about jinxing anything by washing woolly sweaters too soon! What a great month you had! (and Lucy’s heat? I think they have fantastic diapers for doggos that work well and are cute to boot!)

  7. Many of your thoughts are similar to mine, but anything to do with weather feels like months apart. le sigh The windchimes sing because we have a bitter wind and there are no signs of bulbs or buds on the trees. (They are smart as they’d freeze in a flash!). I am SO looking forward to the warmer breezes and time to be outdoors with only a jacket/sans hat. Maybe closer to mid month!

  8. I was thinking about washing the heavier sweaters the other day. Never had a chance to wear my tunic length ones at all.

  9. We have friends in the same situation with their 7-mo-old dog, Daphne. This is new to us, as the ‘breeder’ dogs we’ve had have been male; the only female dog we’ve ever had was a rescue (already spayed). Is that contractual because it’s healthier for female dogs to go through at least one heat?

  10. It is so nice to see so many signs of Spring in your photos! My daffodils are about 2-3″ high and everything is still brown and bare. It is 60 degrees right now, but highs will be back in the 40s for most of the next week.
    My dog is a rescue, I got her at 10 weeks old and she was already spayed. Is it better for the dog to wait?
    I admire how you take the time to notice the beauty all around you, I really need to work on that!

  11. Ah spring signs. You are definitely ahead of us (no surprise there as the miles between us add up). But, so lovely to see your blooms and short sleeves! We’ve had a few teaser days, but back to quite chilly temps now. It’s sunny, but only in the 40’s (which, for me, is not comfortable).

  12. Agree with Kat about the doggie diapers for the heavy days of Lucy’s cycle. It’s really not bad at all – just expect any loose male dogs to show up!!

  13. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the Five Things practice. It sounds right up my alley! Maybe next year. Your sunny weather looks divine – how lucky to have Lucy to walk all throughout the day!

  14. What a beautiful seasoning for you. Your reflection via the five things is very thoughtful. Today our temps were in the high 50’s, the sun was out, and I noticed some daffodils about 2 inches up from the ground. The new season is unfurling from south to north.

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