A New Season.

A few things came together in the last week that made me realize I’m (maybe) at the beginning of a new season.

First, I learned that a new yarn shop opened last fall – it’s called Unwind. The shop is owned by a delightful woman (her name is Chickie) I met when I worked at Cast-on Cottage (6+ years ago!) and the season-changing bit is that it’s less than five miles from my house – a mere 12 minute drive, even with traffic. Y’all … I’ve never lived this close to a yarn shop!

I made plans to visit in person today; Penny (another friend I met at Cast-on Cottage; she moved to Birmingham nine years ago and happens to be in town visiting family 🙂 ) had a very fun time browsing yarn … and touching it! We also loved seeing Chickie and meeting her partner Melissa.

The other season change is that spring sports have started. I spent a couple of hours at the lacrosse field last night for Charlie’s practice.

…so maybe you can guess what kind of yarn I was shopping for today?

… yep – I think I have socks in my future!

15 thoughts on “A New Season.

  1. How wonderful to have a yarn shop so close! And for spring sports and new socks on the horizon. Yay for this new season!

    (I’m on the waitlist for Bleeding Heart Yard. I can’t wait for a new Harbinder mystery!)

  2. Having an LYS nearby can be both a good thing and a bad thing. I still miss my now-closed LYS, which was a mere mile from my house. I spent so many Saturday afternoons there knitting with friends — but I also brought home a lot of yarn from those days!

  3. When my kids were in “activities,” I was never without a sock in my bag! Perfect knitting for keeping an eye on practices/rehearsals! (My sock-knitting completely petered out when my kids graduated from high school . . . ) Here’s to new seasons, Mary! XO

  4. Yea for yarn shops close by-how’d I miss that?! I remember those days of being at the practice fields, and socks are the perfect portable-practice-project.

  5. I was hoping that Unwind carried some good yarn, and I can see from your purchases that they do! Enjoy your Opal, Backyard Chickens, and the joy of knitting socks!

  6. Yay for socks! Perfect little things for grab and go needs. We are SO FAR away from sports on a field. Snow, mud, bitter cold do not make spring sports fun time. Maybe next month? Enjoy the sun for me!

  7. Socks are the perfect portable knitting! I always had a sock on the needles back when Hannah did school stuff. Now, not so much! Have fun!

  8. I’ve never been fortunate to live near a yarn shop…I would probably be in there all the time! Enjoy sock knitting and keeping an eye on the game!

  9. I’ve made several trips to Unwind. It’s a great yarn store with lots of options and Chickie and Melissa are so kind and helpful.

  10. I was always knitting socks while at sporting events with my kids! I learned to walk and knit socks as well(lots of hours at practices as well). Enjoy your knitting time.

  11. Warm socks are a must for a Grandmother at an outdoor event on a chilly Spring day. I do enjoy my LYS but oh it’s a temptation. Knit Paper Scissors is within walking distance for me and I do try to keep them in business. Your new season is a wonderful thing.

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