TGIF | Early February.

One of the things I’ve learned – thanks to my daily photo habit! – is that the cherry trees bloom here in February. It is simply a joy to be outside and see all that pink … and the green shoots of the daffodils. I’m hoping Lucy and I can get to the park next week to see what signs of spring might be coming up there. In the meantime:

Thinking about … STRIPES! (Ravelry link) I spent much of yesterday morning planning … I weighed all those Coast leftovers, played around with color placement, measured my “swatch” (my NAiMA Pullover DK is knit in the round with Coast doubled), and did some calculations to adjust the pattern for my gauge (a little looser than the pattern suggests) and size (because of course I’m in between sizes and a little too big or a little too small is just … not right!) I ended up swapping out a few of the (darker, more muted) colors I’d planned to use for a few (brighter ones) I wanted to save for other projects. The big change was swapping the violet (that I used for NAiMA) with the California Blue. I also took out the navy and dark green. This afternoon I actually cast on! and started the ribbing.

Grateful for … (re)reading The Luminaries in community … on paper. According to Goodreads, I read and loved this book in early 2015. I mostly listened and used the whispersync feature with Kindle to read with my eyes. I don’t remember anything special about the astrology aspects of the story. This time, I’m reading along with a group of about 50; we’re sharing thoughts, ideas, and resources in Instagram chats. One of the members knows something about astrology and shared a few incredibly helpful videos about how the characters related to each other and their astrological signs. I marked up the Character Chart and Part One pages with her helpful notes.

I’m flipping back and forth a good bit, but wow, understanding the signs and that Part One chart (it’s like a plot diagram!) is giving me a whole new level of understanding and appreciation. I’m smitten. (and if I disappear from blogland for a few days next week, please know I’m lost in these pages).

Inspired by … I mentioned yesterday that I revisited a few of my Looking Back posts. One was from May 2021, back when I was regularly giving myself a manicure AND pairing the color with a book. Manicures are hard with a puppy (I’m still giving myself regular manicures, but using a pale pink polish that doesn’t show smudges or chips) and maybe we’re finally at the stage where I can carve out an hour. Last night I painted this fun red (Olive&June ES) to pair with my latest obsession.

Fun … this wonderful bit of sunshine will be SIX MONTHS old tomorrow.


also … when I posed my STRIPES! cast-on for the photo up top, I couldn’t help rearranging a few of the balls …

Hopefully I’ll make some progress on it next week (I won’t be reading The Luminaries ALL the time) and I can share how the colors are playing out.

Until then, here’s one more photo of blossoms and sunshine. and best wishes for a good weekend!

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  1. I remember when you started pairing your home mani colors with your book covers! It’s one of my pandemic memories from your blog 🙂 I’m always impressed with what a sharp job you do…especially with dark/bold colors. (Let’s face it, those are the REAL mani test!)

  2. I always looked forward to your Monday manicures! I love that you get cherry blossoms in February — and that you share them here on the blog. You’ve been documenting Seasons for a long time now and it must be fun to dive even deeper this year. And I’m glad you’re enjoying The Luminaries – the Goodreads review makes it sound like good fun. Adding it to my April list!

  3. I can’t believe Lucy is already six months old — and she’s suddenly looking like a dog and not just a puppy! (Though she’ll always be a puppy in my book — all dogs are puppies!) I’m really liking all the colors you’ve picked out for your new sweater, and I think it’s a great way to use up all those leftovers. I expect we’ll be seeing a finished sweater soon!

  4. I have a set of yarns and have been contemplating a monochrome stripes. I am so enamored with the sweater my daughter made so I might need to add a few more colors but there is time since I have that lovely pink cardinal on the needles

  5. Your cherry trees are just lovely! We’ve got snowdrops but that’s about it so far. Have fun with Stripes and sweet 6-month-old Lucy!

  6. The Cherry trees are a treat. And how can Lucy be six months old? She does indeed look more like a dog instead of a little puppy. I bet your Grandsons love her to pieces. The yarn for your striped sweater looks like fun. Beginning a new project is one of the best parts of knitting,

  7. Those cherry blossoms are a treat for the eyes! We’ve got the leaves of daffodils showing up, but that’s about it. Oh, and leaf buds on the red twig dogwood and the lilac. Blooms are a ways off I’m afraid. Stripes is going to be just lovely. I’m sure you will have it completed in no time!

  8. Even with our mild winter, we’re a long way from cherry blossoms! So I’ll just enjoy yours. (February – and, really, March – are still very much winter months here.) I’ve been an astrology “person” for pretty much all my life . . . and I think that’s WHY I enjoyed The Luminaries so much. I’m glad you’re having fun with it! (And I can’t believe Lucy is already 6 months old . . . )

  9. I noticed the cherry trees last week on my way home from work. Spring is definitely around the corner. Can’t wait to see the latest project.

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