Looking Back | January.

A friend wrote me recently, ‘Winter reveals structure.’ Only as the structure is firmly there are we able to dress it with the lovely trappings of spring, budding leaves, rosy blossoms. Winter is the quiet, fallow time when the earth prepares for the rebirth of spring.

Madeleine L’Engle, Miracle on 10th Street & Other Christmas Writings

As usual, I considered letting go this daily photo habit last month. I’ve been taking a daily photo for over a decade (that’s a lot of photos!) and every January I decide to re-up. This week, I considered letting go the monthly Looking Back blog post (I’ve been doing them for more than seven years – and that’s a lot of months!) … and realized that made no sense in this year of Season. So I’m re-upping for another year. and playing around with a few -ing words to tell the story.

Beginning … to find a rhythm with Lucy (regular walks and a somewhat predictable pee & poop schedule have been a godsend), cookbook club!, another One Little Word, joining in with friends on Instagram for a weekly #wordsandwool2023 post

Noticing … the bare branches and “structure revealed”, a tiny bit more evening light.

Celebrating … weekly time with the boys, Taco vs. Burrito (Sam wants to play nearly every single week), new baby girls in the family with handknits, a(nother!) finished test knit, Opera Wednesday, unread backlist books shelved in my study!

Which -ing word resonates with your January?

11 thoughts on “Looking Back | January.

  1. I like beginning – I’m beginning to think about planting seeds for the garden, and that always makes me feel like it’s almost spring! I think my boys would have loved Taco & Burrito. I wonder if I could interest them now?

  2. I would say noticing would be my -ing word for January. Noticing leads to more delight in ordinary and extraordinary moments. I am definitely noticing the little incremental shift in light at the end of the day.

  3. I’m with Bonny on ‘beginning.’ Although we’re nearly midway through February, I’m wrapping my head around little rituals and habits that allow me to slow down and find what’s important.

    I’m glad you’re doing another year of these Looking Back posts — and can see why you might be ready to let them go. They seem complicated to put together! And still, what a beautiful way to look back at a month. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I think “changing” is a big word at this point in the winter. It’s been a very mild winter for us — we set a new record with a high of 70 yesterday! — and I’m seeing signs that spring is coming. The early spring flowers have been poking up for a while, but now I’m also seeing some buds on trees, some new growth on our rose bushes, and some greening up of other plants. And the birds have been getting noisier! I know there’s still the potential for winter weather for a while yet, but I figure nature always knows what’s what.

  5. Organiz-ING and Finish-ING. January is my favorite time to declutter and get the one and one projects or time consuming tasks off the to-do list. Frees me up for other things and smaller projects seem less overwhelming as we get ready for warm weather activities. Happy Friday!

  6. One of the first things I learned back when I was taking garden design courses was the importance of structure in the garden — and especially in the winter garden (when it’s all exposed). 🙂 The -ing word that most resonated with me in January was unfold-ing. As in taking things slowly and letting them unfold.

  7. When I see a bare tree I enjoy looking at the “bones”, as I call it. That is certainly the structure of what is to follow (leaves!!). I have noticed more light in the evening, but now I can see the light is coming noticeably earlier in the morning! I love it as I can walk Mylo and not feel like it’s the dark of night. Snowdrops and hellebores were starting to come up, but before they can make progress they are covered with snow. That is likely to happen again this week, but it won’t be long! I’ll share the snowdrops as soon is they show up! Noticing! That’s what happened to me in February.

  8. What a beautiful anniversary edition of Little Women! (And a sweet-sweet knit by its side.)
    Hm…January (it seems so long ago now!). I’d say Restoring. Or maybe Returning. We used to sing a meditative song in church that went ‘Return again…return again…return to the home of your soul.’ January was a time for me to breathe, Reset, Restore, Return.

  9. I love your ing-word question as well as reading everyone’s answers. For me, I think January was considering . . . how I want to approach the new year, how I want to spend my time, and how I can set up patterns for a successful season. I’ve never heard of Taco vs Burrito but now that I have, I can’t wait until Jackie is old enough to play!

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