TGIF | Hello February.

Hello February! So glad the sun finally showed up. I snuck into my neighbor’s yard this morning so I could share her (very early blooming) daffodils with y’all. Pops of yellow and bright blue skies … happy sigh!

This month’s opening page in Seasons of Wonder.

Thinking about … Marilynne Robinson. Honestly, I’m obsessed. I read Housekeeping last month (it was Fiction Matters’ January bookclub selection) and wow! I’ve since listened to this podcast (Spotify link) and read a few essays about her work (this review by Colm Tóibín and this scholarly collection). Now I’m wanting to explore her non-fiction. I’ve only peeked into these three volumes, but I can tell this is going to be slow reading. the kind I like to do with a notebook by my side.

I was also delighted that this morning’s Five Things email from Liz Lamoreux included a link to an old On Being podcast with Krista interviewing Marilynne.

Grateful for … feeling settled. those blue skies. all the handknits. candles. afternoon coffee.

Inspired by … color! Outside … and in my knitting! I finished the Sophie Scarf and wore it yesterday. and was inspired to use the rest of those Venezia Sport leftovers (from this sweater) to cast on a Pressed Flowers Cowl (just-released pattern from Amy Christoffers – Ravelry link).

I also finished Weather or Knot scarf (Ravelry link), so all my Coast leftovers are now “available” … I will be planning and casting on STRIPES! soon!

Fun … Katie & I are planning a roadtrip to Thomasville, GA (otherwise known as the home of The Bookshelf, our favorite independent bookstore) and we’ll be meeting one of our Fiction Matters friends in person. It feels so good to be making plans … and seeing people!

What are you T-G-I-F’ing this month?

11 thoughts on “TGIF | Hello February.

  1. I went out to see if any of my bulbs are trying to come up and didn’t see any evidence. I am also concerned that some busy squirrels might have been snacking on some of them. I am adding that Marilynne Robinson podcast to my queue. She is a fascinating person.

  2. Mary — I have both What are We Doing Here and When I Was a Child… I’d love a readalong + discussion! What Are We Doing Here makes me think of Wendell Berry’s What Are People For, which I haven’t read yet either. Robinson’s Gilead Quartet reminds me so much of Berry’s Port William – both are about people in a rural community, ruminating on the odds and ends of humanity. I just love them both.

    And thanks for sharing the daffodils! They brightened my day. It’s currently -7 with a feels like of -18. But at least the kids and I are home for the evening and we aren’t going anywhere!

  3. I thought of our Liz L. email the split second I saw ‘Marilynne Robinson’ in this post! I read Housekeeping a couple of years ago now, and it’s still vivid for me. This post reminds me that we moved while I was STILL on hold for Home! Bet I can get it easier + faster here…
    Love that pop of color from your Sophie scarf. And hooray for that upcoming road trip! Fun for so many reasons.
    I’m off to listen to that OnBeing i’view now (+ picking up my needles + this simple shawl.)

  4. I need to revisit the On Being Episode with Marilynne Robinson. She is a beautiful writer. Maybe that is what I’ll listen to as I reknit the ribbing on my sweater. The daffodils are such a sign of hope. I am going to knit some version of the Sophie Scarf. As I knit on my current projects I’m thinking of which yarn to use. Yours is very bright and pretty. It is perfect with your coloring.

  5. It does my heart good to see daffodils blooming somewhere, even if it’s nowhere near me! We have had some sun, though, which always improves my mood even when it’s frigid outside.

    Loving all the bright colors you’re knitting with right now!

  6. Your scarfs are a nice pop of color on gray days. Marilynne Robinson’s writing has a way of working its way into my very heart and soul. She calms me and broadens my thinking. A broad look at her works is fully warranted!

  7. Wow to daffodils! We won’t see them blooming here for another couple of months, but it’s nice to know they’re blossoming somewhere. I’m not sure I read Housekeeping but even if I did, I don’t remember anything about it so it may be time to read (or re-read) it!

  8. I’m very enamored of All Things Pressed Flowers . . . but it’s gonna be awhile before I knit ANY MORE OF THEM (after I finish my Cardigan of Tedium). 😉 Those daffodils are a welcome sight! Thanks for sharing them with your color-starved Northern friends.

  9. Love the colors and plans for other knits. Friday/weekending with Facetime, a cousin/girl meet up and a movie.

  10. Colorful knits and blooming daffodils are just wonderful to see. I read Housekeeping years ago (when it first came out?) but I don’t remember it at all!

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