Season | January 2023.

My One Little Word for 2023 is Season. It took me a while to discern the word (into January), and then more time to figure out where I wanted to go with it. Just this morning, I wrote this in my journal:

“I see 2023 as a year to acknowledge, notice, learn from, and
ultimately celebrate the seasons within and around me.”

I’m finally ready to share more here!

I read Wintering by Katherine May in early January. Wow. and what a paradigm-shifting way to look at what is typically a cold, dark, dormant season. I did love what she wrote about winter, and wintering. I realized I wintered through most of 2022 (and maybe much of 2021, too?); and while I thought Lucy brought a new season (and she did, for sure!), maybe I’m still wintering into 2023.

What has resonated even more with me these past few weeks, though, is this

Now I’m ready to notice what’s happening within and around me. I treated myself to a new large format Leuchtturm with a bright orange cover (Amazon link) and it’s going to be the place where I record this year’s journey.

I’ve made a long list of -ing words (e.g., delighting, connecting, asking, seeing) to journal … and I signed up for Liz Lamoreaux’s Five Things class in February to get a jump start!

I also started tracking the weather/sun/moon along with my mood (and the pain in my knee).

and finally, I’m reading Bonnie Smith Whitehouse’s Seasons of Wonder as my yearly devotion. Bonnie’s book captures the beauty of seasonal cycles in nature and the church; and I’m looking forward to being more intentional about the whole liturgical calendar (beyond Advent and Lent). I’m especially curious about Ordinary Time, which makes up a big chunk of the year, and how those “ordinary” days play into the seasons. I also have a dozen or so spiritual growth books on my shelf (Braiding Sweetgrass, This Here Flesh, Learning to Pray – !!!) and expect those books will inform my Season explorations, too.

Thank you all for being part of this journey with me … and special thanks to Carolyn for hosting this monthly meet-up. Getting my thoughts together for a monthly blog post has been really helpful these past few years and I expect that will continue.

p.s. a little behind the scenes getting today’s photos ready

13 thoughts on “Season | January 2023.

  1. What a great word, Mary! Loads of opportunities for you… and I immediately thought of the things we season our lives with! So much fun!

  2. I loved Wintering. And it sounds like season is just the word to help you move into a different . . . season and maybe make things spicy, too!

  3. I loved Wintering, too, and I think Season will be a great word for you to explore throughout all seasons this year! And like Kat and Carole, I also thought of seasonings (spices).
    P.S. I’m impressed that your mood runs between 7-9!

  4. Happy New Word! (I’m in love with the color of your new Leuchtturm, BTW…) As someone super-in tune with the seasons of the year…as well as considering the season of life I’m currently in…I’m excited for your exploration of and journey through Season. (I’m also excited for 5 Things! I’ll be ‘with you’ this month!)

  5. Several years ago Season was my word. I loved the ideas that I explored as I thought about the concept. I look forward to reading about how a year of season unfolds for you.

  6. Season is such a wonderful word. So many ways to interpret it. When I first read your word I immediately thought of your cookbook club with your sisters, mother, daughters. It will be interesting to see where you go with your word this year. Have fun with it!

  7. I have Wintering on my Kindle, and I find myself without a current book in progress, so perhaps now is the time to read it! I think this is going to be a really fascinating word for you, and I look forward to seeing where it takes you!

  8. What a terrific word, Mary. I think you’ll have a lovely “journey” with it all year long! I loved Wintering (I read it when it first came out), and I re-read little portions of it every now and then. Like you, I found it . . . paradigm-shifting! And have fun with your moon tracking. I was just commenting to Juliann that I’m a long-time moon-follower, and have created a set of rituals for myself for each new and full moon. It’s such a great way to mark the passage of time. Ooooo. You’re going to have so much fun with your word this year! 🙂

  9. You picked a really fun word! There is so much to your word and a whole world to explore.
    Lucy has her own bed! That’s a game changer!

  10. I LOVE this, Mary. I love how you can take this in so many directions and how it can allow you to ground yourself in so many ways. SO MANY WAYS! My mind is rushing with thoughts about this. I love it. And I love your new notebook – what a thoughtful way to document this year. The Five Things class looks really cool, too. There’s just so much to chat about within this blog post!!

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