TGIF | Yep, Still January.

…and I’m happy about that! The days are noticeably longer; it still feels like the beginning of the year; and I’m finally ready to embrace 2023. New Year’s Day is just misplaced for me, I guess (or maybe I just need a whole month instead of a day to mark the shift?) There’s been a lot of quiet time here this week … reading, napping, thinking, journaling, walking … and I’ll be sharing more about where that’s taking me in next week’s One Little Word update. Meanwhile:

Thinking aboutSTRIPES! I realized after I finished NAiMA (Ravelry link) that Coast doubled would be a perfect yarn for this sweater. For sure, it’s not anywhere close to the “sport” yarn that the pattern suggests, but I love the fabric it creates at a gauge that’s close enough to work (I get ~21 st/4″ and the pattern calls for 21.5 st/4″). I also happen to have a LOT of Coast (and this isn’t even all of it!)!

So … thinking about this more, I re-measured NAiMA and started looking at the pattern. whoa, Andrea has lots of options! and so do I! … more to come …

Grateful for … getting our new cookbook club off the ground! We had our first meeting of go-to dinners (we are cooking our way through Ina Garten’s latest go-to dinners) last Sunday and it was perfect.

We are meeting on the 4th Sunday of each month for an early dinner (y’all we were seated at 5:20pm and the dishes were done by 8 … it was delightful!) … the host (me this month) chooses and prepares the main course, the prior month’s host (my mom) simply shows up, and everyone else shares the rest of the meal.

We all agreed that the recipes were easy and delicious (and bonus that everything looked like Ina’s pictures). A few of us adjusted things from 4 servings to 6 (I added a thigh and made extra sauce; Katie added more oranges; and Sara one and halved her recipe), and for our group, the only “necessary” adjustment was Sara’s. We had plenty and there were leftovers. A group less intent on the most delicious chocolate dessert ever might even decide that the mousse recipe makes enough as written (I cleaned my glass … just sayin’).

Inspired by … STRIPES! to maybe finish my Weather or Knot scarf. It’s pictured in the bag above. I’m done with the daily knitting (well, as far as I’m going to take it anyway, which is through September 12 – 255 days!) and ALL the ends are woven in. What’s left is two edging rows, binding-off, and weaving in that last end. and blocking. maybe an hour’s work?

Until I do all that, the orange isn’t “available” for STRIPES! … tbd if that’s enough inspiration.

Finished! … two baby gifts, for Marc’s two great nieces, born last fall.

…and Fun … two of my favorite ladies are celebrating birthdays – Katie today and my sister on Monday. I’m looking forward to celebrating with both of them this weekend.

Wishing you the best weekend available!

11 thoughts on “TGIF | Yep, Still January.

  1. Dinner looks delicious and sounds like a lot of fun. The Coast yarn looks like it would make a beautiful striped sweater. I’ve never used the yarn although I’ve considered it because it comes in so many colors at such a reasonable price. The baby knits are darling.

  2. Dinner looks like it was delish — especially that dessert! I think making more than one recipe of that was most definitely required. The baby knits are adorable, and your planned striped sweater is going to be wonderful! I still would like to try Coast, but there’s too much yarn in my stash right now, so I have some knitting to do to use some up first.

  3. Transitioning to a new year took me awhile, too. All the days seem melded together so I’m just now realizing we’re moving into a new month, tip-toeing up to a new season, and seeing the light return, second by second. It’s wonderful. Your dinner sounds so fun and a lovely family tradition to continue. STRIPES is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to see your colors change. You know how much like I that! 😉

  4. I’ve noticed the lighter mornings and longer (just a bit) days. So welcome. Your dinner looks and sounds amazing. What cute baby knits and I am now off to find out about Coast (new to me).

  5. That little dress is just gorgeous! And that dinner sounds like so much fun. I especially like that the last host gets to just enjoy. 🙂

  6. Dinner looks amazing! What a fun undertaking and I can’t wait to see what else you all cook up 🙂

    That blue sky is gorgeous and I love that you had CROCUSES in an earlier post. Thank you for all of the little signs of spring!

  7. This has been my “best January” in recent memory . . . and I think it’s because I just took it slow and let in unfold (you could say I gave it . . . space). Anyway, your month looks like a great one, Mary. Love your cookbook club — and I think Ina’s recipes are always winners! Your dishes all look great — and the company even better. XO

  8. That looks like an absolutely delicious dinner, and I love that it’s not a ton of work for just one person. I wonder if I can make chocolate mousse for breakfast?

  9. January has been such an odd month for me but as I am adding more color and stopping to enjoy the tiny bits of sunshine, I am feeling a bit more energy. The Stripes is going to be very fun

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