TGIF | More January.

Hello friends and hello Friday! also hello longer days and hello daffodils?! I took the photo at the top of this post at 5pm yesterday. and yes that is actual sun shining on those green shoots. It’s not unusual for us to see daffodils blooming in February, and it still feels weird to see shoots coming up from the ground in January.

Thinking about … Holy Inefficiency. The closing thought from the second week of the Reclaiming Sabbath series I shared a few weeks back is to ponder what in my life would be richer and more meaningful (perhaps sacred) if done less efficiently. walks with Lucy. food! sleep. pretty much EVERYthing to do with relationships, so maybe this blog? (some)reading.

Grateful for … sunshine. two very foggy days to get me totally into Bleak House (iykyk). Opera Wednesday. time to tidy (and how it feels when I’m done). Costco roast chicken.

Inspired by … finishing a bright purple sweater and two other colorful projects (that are still drying) to start another colorful project. The Sophie Scarf has been all over my Instagram feed these past weeks and I think I found the perfect colorful, spring-time friendly yarn in my leftovers bin (I have three leftover balls, so this could be a fun repeat project if it works out!)

Finished! Cliffhanger! Heidi published the pattern on Wednesday so I can share my finished photos. Y’all – this is such a fun knit. The construction isn’t like anything I’ve done before (and of course Heidi includes a diagram to show you how it all comes together), and it works out beautifully … and it fits! and it’s easy to wear!

I knit this in Knit Picks Swish Worsted and I couldn’t be happier with how it washed/dried and wore (for two straight days).

What are you TGIF’ing this week?

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  1. I am inspired by your knitting. The purple sweater looks like a stylish kind of sweatshirt sweater. Isn’t the Sophie scarf tempting? I like the bright color you have chosen. It just looks like it would be such a fun little knit – kind of a palette cleanser. Hurray for sunshine on daffodil shoots. That is quite the idea for someone living in Nebraska.

  2. Daffodils in January are quite something for someone living in NJ also! Your purple sweater is really lovely and I’m very tempted by the Sophie scarf with a leftover skein I have of purple Swish DK. This could make a nice palate cleanser (or maybe the start of Christmas knitting?)

  3. Lovely sweater! I definitely need to think more about Holy Inefficiency. I tend to kick myself when I realize I did something in a less than efficient manner, but I know that’s not the right way to think about things, I just can’t seem to stop in the moment.

  4. I hope my comment doesn’t show up twice, I had trouble logging in. 🙂 Lovely sweater! I love the idea of Holy Inefficiency. I tend to go overboard on efficiency and know I am missing the sacred in the slowing down.

  5. So many wonderful things here! Holy Inefficiency–what a thought provoking question. And how I miss Costco roast chicken! It was always such a quick + simple Caesar meal for us! (But Costco is 2 hours away now. And the local grocery roast chicken just isn’t the same…) Enjoy that new knit–looks like a comfy go-to, for sure.

  6. I am less shocked to see daffodils coming up in your neck of the woods, but they’re coming up here, too, which is really troubling (though certainly not as much as when they did it in December a few years ago). I am always in favor of a shorter, milder winter, but the reason for it troubles me.

    The sweater looks wonderful and very cozy — I can see why you’d wear it two days in a row!

  7. LOVE the sweater! Daffodils and hyacinths are shooting up over here, and I’m hoping at least the 49 of the 50 daffodils that I planted will appear. So far I’ve only found 1 bulb that a critter dug up :-).

  8. That sweater looks wonderful Mary – certainly one that will get a lot of wear! Daffodils coming up? Not here…but soon, I’m sure.

  9. As you know, you’ve got me considering that sweater for myself. 🙂 I love the sweatshirt-i-ness of it . . . Hmmmm. Unfortunately, even we have daffodils peeking out already. And that . . . is a problem.

  10. I saw daffodil shoots are work last week and, like everyone else, they give me hope but also concern. I love that sweater, it’s like a handknit sweatshirt! I’m tempted to make one for myself.

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