TGIF | Early January.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! It feels like this was the first “regular” week in … weeks. and it feels good to be here at its end (also, as I was typing those words the sun came out for the first time in a while – the west-facing window by my desk almost never casts a glare on my laptop screen! – and that feels felt so good, too! … yep, it was short-lived.)

Thinking about … reading a bit of backlist before a few anticipated 2023 releases. Colson Whitehead has a new book coming out in July, and Rebecca Makkai has one next month. I also have Caleb Azumah Nelson’s Open Water on hold (his new one releases in May), and I’m pondering another one of Zadie Smith’s before her early September release. I’ve read and loved On Beauty and Intimations; suggestions welcome!

Grateful for … my neighborhood bookclub (last night) and fun discussions about the decade (!!!) we’ve lived here together (and about Lessons in Chemistry). an engaging meeting with my local Moms Demand Action group and positive feedback on my elevator speech. cozy spaces. walking with Marc & Lucy in the morning.

Inspired by … progress on Cliffhanger’s sleeve #2 to revisit the nearly finished B(l)ack to Life. and maybe!?! inspired to also update Ravelry … yikes, neither of these projects is there yet! Cliffhanger is the test knit I’m doing for Heidi Kirrmaier; I should finish it this weekend. and B(l)ack to Life is a new design from Isabel Kraemer (I started it after Anke’s test knit in November). I finished the knitting and blocked it before I started Cliffhanger. now I need to add the embroidered flowers (in that pale pink by Lucy’s head).

Fun … Lucy is now five months old! I snapped these photos this morning during my workout. Lucy keeps me company in the gym and for the most part lets me do my thing (provided she has her toys to play with).

What are you T-G-I-F-ing this week?

12 thoughts on “TGIF | Early January.

  1. We had two days of sunshine here and it was glorious. I am starting a sweater with some new-to-me techniques and it feels very slow but I don’t want to unknit. Also reading some wonderful books and looking forward to a pretty quiet weekend with more knitting and reading time ahead.

  2. I’m looking forward to the first quiet weekend in a couple of months. I plan to do some household organizing, reading, knitting, and stitching.
    I finished reading Housekeeping yesterday and loved it so much the second time around. I was surprised at how much I remembered even though I read it many years ago. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I am pondering my reading and making for the coming months. I have been looking forward to organizing and looking through my knitting stash. I hope tomorrow is the day. I had two friends for tea and cookies this a.m. and that was so nice.

  4. I have some small projects that I’ve been waiting for a long weekend to finish and will put away the rest of the glittery bits from the holidays. Once all that is done 2023 can begin! Happy Friday.

  5. I feel like we haven’t seen the sun in forever here. Good ole January. That Cliffhanger sweater looks like a great pattern, I love that collar.

  6. I loved The Great Believers — have tissues handy for when you read it! I am very excited for the long weekend because I very much need the break after two busy weeks. I am almost finished with my Beeswax Hat and finally got to start plying some singles yesterday, so I’m looking forward to finishing both over the next few days.

  7. Lucy! 5 months!? Time passes so quickly when you stop to think. We had a day and bit of sun. It was so nice! I’m looking forward to reading many of the books you have on the horizon. A year of good reading begins!

  8. I can hardly believe that Lucy is five months old already, and I’m glad she’s good company for walks and in the gym! I’m looking forward to a weekend where I get to see both boys but also hopefully swatching for my next sweater.

  9. Such cute pics of you and Lucy working out together (or, at least, one of you working out!). I am still thoroughly enjoying Middlemarch (am I the only one who finds parts of it laugh-out-loud funny?). I’m only 75 or so pages in, taking it slowly and enjoying. I’m also reading The Book of Goose which I am not yet sure about. I’m finding it more disturbing than good! Finally, thinking of ordering some Lopi yarn (after telling Dee yesterday I certianly do NOT need to buy any yarn – LOL).

  10. We had a little tease of sun for a few moments yesterday morning . . . It was a treat, but back to the gloom of winter now. Your sweaters look great, Mary. And I loved The Great Believers. (Harlem Shuffle wasn’t my favorite of Colson Whitehead’s books, but Tom loved it.) Lucy is such a sweet pup!

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