TGIF | Before Christmas.

Hello friends! I hope this finds you someplace cozy and warm, even if it’s just a figurative place, or a place you’re reading about – perhaps like the December gathering that Rosamunde Pilcher describes so beautifully in Winter Solstice. I read this classic last week (maybe for the first time?!) and it’s definitely a book I plan to revisit. It felt like a warm hug, perfect for a mid-December pause or an audio accompaniment to a marathon morning of baking. and now a peek at right now, through my favorite lens:

Thinking about … 2022. and resisting the urge to start thinking about 2023. I like to spend a lot of time in December (and January) looking back before I look ahead. I still have things to process before the new year!

Grateful for … all the hand knits, warm coats, lined leggings, and sunshine. It’s cold and windy here y’all!

That’s Lucy on our mid-day walk, assessing all the sticks. I’m also grateful that she seems to be OK with the weather (now I’m curious to see what she thinks about snow … if she sees snow this winter!) once she got used to the wind. She was very confused dark early this morning when the wind whipped her ears around.

Inspired by … an hour with my bookshelves this week (shelving, organizing, assessing) to pick up an unread Christmas classic I’d forgotten I had.

This short collection of seven pieces begins with the Christmas Day chapter from Little Women (which was the only piece I’d already read) and continues in the same vein. The stories are heartwarming lessons about the power of love and compassion. and now I’m definitely in the mood for my annual re-listen of A Christmas Carol!

Fun … we celebrated Hannukah Monday evening.

I’m glad we had Hannukah early in the week … now we’re ready for more gathering and celebration!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, and/or a lovely weekend. Stay warm!

13 thoughts on “TGIF | Before Christmas.

  1. It’s good to look back, assess, and process before looking forward. Stay warm! (I just looked at the thermometer and it’s 1 degree here.)

  2. I have to say I’ve given a lot of thought about 2023, but am still shocked to see that we are at the end of 2022. My mantra for 2023 will be open to new and un-before seen opportunities. Merry Christmas.

  3. Your Holidays look amazingly fun and beautiful. We had Hanukkah on Wednesday and I’m in the last bit of planing for Christmas today. We’ll have a nice dinner and lots of drinking! Mylo is not a fan of wind, but he’s gotten more used to it with time. Rain is a big no go, however. Holly will find her likes and dislikes and YOU’LL be adjusting. LOL Happy Christmas to you all!!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I have been thinking about 2023 since September lol. But not right now! I am gearing up for our son and his family for a visit!! (yay)

  5. What happy, festive Hanukkah pictures, Mary.
    I feel like I need to pause the word around me in order to reflect on ’22 and consider ’23… Maybe one of these years I’ll plan a retreat around this time in order to do just that!!

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