TGIF | Mid-December.

Hello friends and happy Friday! The sun came out yesterday and it (finally!) feels like December outside … of course inside, it’s felt like December for a few weeks. Twinkle lights, winter candles, and multiple Christmas playlists in rotation. One of my new-favorite things is playing ball with Lucy in the front hall. I have to be careful that I don’t throw the ball under the tree, because I’m sure she’d chase it … and if anything fell down or broke, it would be my fault!

(also) Thinking about … applying to test Heidi Kirrmaier’s new design (Instagram link). I think this would be a great layer for walking Lucy, in a washable wool? perhaps a bright red or purple?

Grateful for … my friend Jean. We had a service this morning to celebrate her amazing life (she was 94 when she passed away last Friday). She was one of the first friends I made when I joined the church in 2012; she took me under her wing and encouraged me to step up and into multiple leadership roles. It was a joy to lead our women’s ministry with her as my moderator and then advisor. I’d actually forgotten that we served as deacons together in 2015; the photo on the left is from our monthly diaconate meeting which just happened to fall on her birthday. The photo on the right was taken at a women’s ministry leadership meeting.

Jean was passionate about music and music ministry; she played the piano and organ, sang in the choir, and played handbells. In 2018, for her 90th birthday, her family gifted a brass ensemble to accompany our worship service. What a treat! The memory card from the service had these words printed on the back and I can’t think of a nicer tribute:

Life is like a musical scale.
You have your high notes and your low notes.
Put the right notes together and you harmonize.
That's a good life, lovely harmony.

Inspired by … reading two books – The Violin Conspiracy and The Yellow Bird Sings – back to back (a totally accidental pairing!) that feature violin playing to learn more about violin music. Brendan Slocumb, the author of The Violin Conspiracy, compiled a wonderful playlist that explores many of the pieces mentioned in his book. I’m familiar with some of the pieces, but know next to nothing about violin music. Of course I am into Christmas music right now, but come January? … learning about violin sounds wonderful!

Fun … amaryllis watch 2022 is underway!

My mom gifted us these lovely waxed bulbs (from Costco – y’all!!) and they are so easy. Even with the minimal light we had this past week, they’re growing! Maybe I’ll have blooms for New Years?

and one more bit of fun … Lucy still loves her sticks. and taking walks.

and I’m wishing y’all that same focused high energy … and of course, a nap to follow.

Happy Weekend!

11 thoughts on “TGIF | Mid-December.

  1. Jean sounds like a wonderful woman and what a life well lived. LOVE that pullover too. Sophie’s favorite thing is to chase the ball in the house-I know we’re not supposed to throw things in the house, but I’m lazy!! Happy Friday indeed.

  2. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend, but it sounds like she has left behind a lot of wonderful memories and a beautiful legacy.

  3. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, she sounds like a wonderful person. I love that photo of Lucy with the stick in her mouth!

    1. How lucky you and Jean both were to have crossed paths and connected like you did. What an inspiration, and what a beautiful woman. Her zest for life certainly shines through; the words shared at her service, so poignant. And they seem to really embody the message she lived.

  4. Your friend Jean sounds like a wonderful woman who lived a rich full life. It doesn’t make the loss any easier though. My local book group is going to read The Violin Conspiracy sometime this next year. I look forward to it. Happy Fourth Sunday in Advent.

  5. I’m glad Jean had such a long and fulfilling life, and that you could be a part of it. Those amaryllis are growing by leaps and bounds!

  6. Jean sounds like such a lovely person and I love the words on the back of her Memory Card – I want to save those. I bought a waxed Amaryllis for our neighbors who will be caring for Mabel while we are away (also a case of beer! LOL). Looks like you have some good books in your queue. Enjoy!

  7. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend Jean, Mary. She sounds like a wonderful woman — one who has brought joy and inspiration to many. How lucky you were to have her in your life. XO I actually thought of you when I saw Heidi’s new sweater. 😉 And Lucy is so dang cute . . .

  8. Your friend sounds amazing and she will leave a big hole in your life, but she left behind her love of music that will fill your soul. Most of my family played a stringed instrument at one point or another. My dad played viola in the local orchestra and my nieces plays his viola in her orchestra now. Music is alive for us all! Happy Christmas, dear friend! xo

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