TGIF | Rainy December.

The post title: my mom moved to Georgia five years ago this week and we “welcomed” her with a foot of snow. A foot of snow in Atlanta is rare … especially in December. It wasn’t a great start (except for the cookie exchange!). She’s the only one I know who is happy about this week’s weather. It’s been rainy and unseasonably warm. I’m not at all sure what to think about Lenten Roses blooming in Advent?

and it’s Friday!

Thinking about … how I’d like to wrap up this year of reading. I didn’t start tracking anything about my reading until Goodreads debuted, but I’m positive this will be the first year I’ve come anywhere close to reading 250 books. The books pictured are the ones (I think?!) I’d love to read this month. I’ve finished the three shown on the journal page and started the six up top. The other 11 are bookclub selections (always must read for me), new releases from favorite authors, and books that book-friends have said I must-read. Not pictured (because I can’t believe I forgot to re-print the cover) is my Christmas Eve re-read of A Christmas Carol.

I think it’s a pretty heavy list, but I don’t want to let any of them go right now. Maybe I can get my lighter notes in other places? If you have any suggestions for something light to add in (especially if it’s on audio), please let me know!

Grateful for … Katie and her crew living close. We had a ball with the boys last weekend and then I got to see Charlie’s winter concert Wednesday evening:

…also naps.

Inspired by … your comments (thank you!) about reading more Virginia Woolf. Three titles floated to the top: A Room of One’s Own, To the Lighthouse, and A Writer’s Diary. TBR 2023!

Fun … Lucy had big (figuratively, obviously!) shoes to fill … and she’s more than up to the challenge.

Wishing everyone the best weekend available … and a nap (or two)!

12 thoughts on “TGIF | Rainy December.

  1. Charlie is looking so grown up! Rainy days are made for naps and can you really read six books at once? Wow!

  2. Roses blooming in December? That sounds like a winter miracle to this Nebraskan. I love all the fun you have with your grandsons. Lighter book selections – I will have to think about that request. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Beautiful hellebores! I always think I read a lot until I see your stats! And I wish I was a napper but it’s just not in my DNA, sadly.

  4. I have noticed a lot of flowering trees starting to bud here, and it’s concerning. I think the flowers stand a better chance of surviving in Georgia than up here, but still.

    I’m so glad that you have been able to enjoy quality time with the boys and the whole family — what a blessing it is to have al your loved ones relatively close by! Lucy continues to be the cutest ever. You’re lucky I don’t live closer or she might be at risk of puppy-napping!

  5. Those flowers! Yikes! They are pretty though. I’m so glad you’re spending so much time with Katie & Family – how wonderful! Those candy cane cookies sound intriguing – I’m going to look for a recipe!

  6. Oh, Lucy! You are so cute! You read 100 books (or more) than I read and I thought I read a lot! I do waste a fair amount of time staring at the wall (is my brain still working?). LOL Love the pix of the boys and and I love lenten roses so much! I hope mine survive the winter.

  7. That’s an amazing total of books you’ve read in a year – almost one a day! The word ‘prolific’ feels inadequate :). And isn’t Charlie looking grown-up? We’re in the grip of ice and snow, so I’d happily swap this for a bit of warmth and Lenten roses – but I see what you mean. Hoping you can enjoy some naps too if you need them …

  8. Damp and chilly here on early Monday morning and I’m already ready for a nap! LOL Gosh you read a TON – I love to read, but I cannot imagine reading that much. Charlie sure is growing up, isn’t he? Glad you get to enjoy time with those boys so often!

  9. The rain was no fun, but am glad it was not cold. The photo of Lucy standing at the back of the couch is adorable! Happy Friday/Monday!

  10. When it comes to reading, Mary, you just FLY! 🙂 I love the little glimpses of Christmas in your photos . . . even if the weather is warm and rainy! And Charlie looks so dang grown up!!!! I’m so glad you get to spend more time with them XO

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