Looking Back | November.

So perhaps there were people who would like to hear about feelings, but I did not think they were people I would want to know.

Helen DeWitt, The English Understand Wool

Those words made me laugh out loud because people who like to hear about feelings (and puppies, and little boys, and knitting, and reading, and life here in suburban Atlanta) are precisely the people I would want to know!

and wow, November. We went from full-on fall to Christmas, wrapping up baseball, getting back to the park for walks, celebrating birthdays and Thanksgiving (and being together as a family for the first time in years) and the end of the hazy early puppy days. I’m not wishing away that time, but y’all know I’m ever so grateful it’s behind me(us)!

November also saw me getting back to knitting. I actually finished a sweater for myself (ravelry link if you want a sneak peek) and one for Lucy (that you already saw). Of course Lucy – and a host of other activities (ahem, cooking! walks in the park!) – kept me from doing too much without taking breaks … was there really a time just a few months back when I could sit and knit for hours?! The sweater I knit for myself isn’t a secret, and I hope to share it with y’all “officially” soon.

When I compiled the grid this morning, I was surprised that I’d actually shared all the good stories here already, except this one:

November 30

Holly always loved (December 18, for example) to curl up under the tree and it warms my heart something fierce that Lucy loves it, too. (and maybe by next Christmas I can put books under the tree again … or ornaments on those lower branches?!)

I can’t even think of anything else to add to my Happy List. How about you? what made your Happy List last month?

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  1. Warm weather even in November, family gatherings, twinkle lights, and kitty snuggles.

  2. Your post makes me smile. My happy list: a beautiful warm fall, spinning, lunch and coffee with friends, hosting my local book group.

  3. I love the color of your new sweater! Lucy looks so sweet under the tree – so glad she’s settled in with you guys. My happy list from last month: meeting up with a small group of friends, trips to the library, and finishing up my hexie quilt!

  4. I think you forgot one thing on your happy list — you and your fellow Georgians reelected Senator Warnock! I have to tell you that I was apparently really anxious about that election because I was dreaming about the outcome yesterday before I got up and checked the news. So relieved that’s finally over with!

    My happy list: days of work left for this year that I can count on one hand and a thumb, things finally falling into place for the bat mitzvah, getting yarn in the mail.

  5. November was a happy month for you! Mine had some inspired reading, sock knitting (two pairs), but there is a return to Hitchhikers today!

  6. That puppy under the tree is priceless! My happy list is topped by by a small person who chose to wear his new red sweater to school – all on his own. šŸ„°

  7. Lucy’s face might be near the top of my happy list. She’s starting to look like Mylo (the ears and eyes!). She’s growing up quickly and will be a lovely companion for years to come! My happy list includes snow! Impromptu gatherings, and some great reading!

  8. Sweet, sweet Lucy under the tree – love that picture. Your new sweater is wonderful – great color and pretty pattern. My happy list includes the kids up from TX for just about 3 weeks (boo-hoo they head back tomorrow, but we fly down in less than 2 weeks now!).

  9. I’m so happy to see Lucy curled up under your tree, Mary. It must warm your heart — and feel like Holly’s spirit is with you this holiday season, too. Lucy is just an adorable pup. I’m so glad she’s bringing such joy into your life. XO

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