TGIF | Early December.

One more thing I love about this December is five Fridays! Here’s a look at this first one through my favorite lens:

this afternoon … with colored twinkle lights!

Thinking about … exploring Virginia Woolf. I’ve been immersed this week in Mrs. Dalloway (a re-read in preparation for the Met Live in HD production of The Hours later this month) and wow. I love her style, the characters, the introspective perspective, the setting … and how it’s all forcing me to slow down. My edition is 165 pages; I started Sunday and I’m still not finished. Any suggestions on what I should pick up next?

Grateful for … these last eight weeks with Lucy (she’s lived with me for over half her life now!) and already feeling good enough about where we are now that those first weeks back in October are hard to recall.

Inspired by … all your lovely feedback on my recent posts and this sparkly season to get back to this space.

Fun … we have the boys here for the weekend! and no plans except for playing games, baking cookies, watching soccer and Christmas movies, making gingerbread waffles, watching Charlie’s basketball game … and lots of walks (and games of fetch and snuggling) with Lucy.

my current view

Wishing you a weekend full of sparkles!

11 thoughts on “TGIF | Early December.

  1. Oh, man. A child-free weekend? Where do I sign up?? 😉 And I’m so glad you’re enjoying Woolf… I am still struggling with it! Maybe I should try reading it in a quiet place somewhere? I’m typically trying to read it standing up in the kitchen and in between snack requests. That might be a PART of the problem??

    Your weekend plans sound delightful. I hope you enjoy your time with the boys!

  2. After our discussion in last week’s Zoom, I am thinking I really need to revisit Mrs. Dalloway. I haven’t read it since high school English class — and I still have my copy from then, with all my underlining and notes in the margins (and when I pulled it out just now, I found a bookmark that I’d used to write notes back and forth with a classmate about what our thoughts were about where we were going to go to college, what a trip!). I hope you have a lovely weekend with the boys!

  3. Where have I been?, I just found your Blog! Sounds like a great weekend with the boys. We have one little boy here with us and what a treat! B is home, worn out from the school week and a little under the weather(again.) Have a great weekend.

  4. First I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your grandsons. Time with grandchildren is the best. I find V. Woolf endlessly fascinating. When I read her work, I have to think and concentrate. It is good for my brain. Three Guineas is a maybe a lesser known work but interesting nonfiction. Her views on education for women were so ahead of her time. I love To The Lighthouse and A Writer’s Diary, a book edited by her husband after her death. The diary is a view into her journals and writing process. I started with it and then went on to read some of her books, checking back to see how she felt as she was writing them. I think I also mentioned a biography of Woolf in another comment.

  5. It is now Monday morning and I’m just catching up – hope you had a fun weekend with the boys visiting. I love that last picture!!

  6. I hope your weekend with the boys was wonderful — and not too exhausting (for you and Marc, that is). XO I have been a longtime fan of V. Woolf. My favorite is To the Lighthouse. I am nodding my head at Jane’s comment — I need to give myself plenty of time and lots of brain-space to read her work, but it’s always worth it.

  7. I think I could constantly reread Woolf. Mrs. Dalloway is fascinating in its construction and its introspective nature and it all feels so real for me. I bought a couple of editions to see if I can find the changes she made between the English and the American editions (which will be hard to discern, methinks).

  8. I read Mrs. Dalloway in my senior literature class in high school and don’t remember much about it. I think at 17 I was much too young to appreciate Woolf’s writing; there were so many details that were meaningless to me at that time. I’m currently about half way through Mrs. Dalloway and I am loving it!

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