Hello December.

Hello friends and hello December! I didn’t even mind the freezing temperatures this morning since Lucy looks so festive in her red polar fleece (and it fits her perfectly right now).

She’s 16 weeks old today, so we have officially given up lunch. I’m looking forward to a little more flexibility in my days since I don’t have to feed a puppy at noon. I’m also looking forward to getting out and exploring more on our walks.

We did get the house decorated and we went minimal like last year – our big tree (without ornaments on the bottom branches and nothing out underneath it), two little trees (the one in the photo at the top of the post is our advent calendar and the one below with holiday words), two mantels with fresh greens (one with twinkle lights), and a tray with the waxed poinsettia (oops! amaryllis!) bulbs (like last year). It didn’t take long to do and I know it will be quick to un-do (which means I’m not dreading it). and since it’s already done, I have the whole month to enjoy it!

I’m looking forward to a month full of crisp morning walks, family gatherings, baking cookies, good books, plenty of sweaters, twinkle lights, and wonder.

Hello December, welcome!

12 thoughts on “Hello December.

  1. I may tackle switching out fall for Christmas tomorrow. Not sure whether I’m dreading it or looking forward to it. We’ll see how I feel about it around noon tomorrow! Welcome December in all its wonder.

  2. We gave up fussy decorating a few years ago and it makes Advent much more peaceful. I look forward to selecting a book for everyone, sending cards, and baking cookies.

  3. Happy December Mary and I’m going to strive to live those same last words in your post! Sounds pretty darn joyful!

  4. Obviously there are no trees at my house, but I do love the twinkle lights, and I’ve given some thought to putting some up when we’re back from our Florida vacation to help us get through the dark days of January. Lucy looks adorable in her fleece, and I am glad to see she is continuing to be a stick connoisseur!

  5. Lucy does look nice and warm and with a stick, of course! I haven’t put up any decorations yet, but they will be minimal, so maybe next week. Enjoy it all!

  6. Mylo and I are just walking out the door for our morning trek and into 4″ of snow. We never stop! LOVE the lights and the way you’ve decorated. Your home looks so festive!

  7. Love your simple decorations! We never really do more than a tree inside with just lights (the ornaments are always a disaster for many reasons) and some lights outside. Nothing too overwhelming to put up and then take away. But guess what? I still haven’t bought a single gift. Because I am the worst gifter ever!!

  8. I too am a minimalist when it comes to decorations, however this year I feel a little more “into it”, but refuse to buy anything to do the decorating. What I have will have to do, is the name of the season. Your house looks beautiful-enjoy the season.

  9. Such pretty pictures. I did crack up at the picture of Lucy with a stick in her mouth – hahaha. Her red coat looks marvelous on her.

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