TGIF | Late November.

Hello friends – if you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope you ate well and are enjoying well-deserved leftovers today. and no matter how you spent yesterday, I hope you found ways to choose gratitude (that framing is still one of my favorite ways to think about Thanksgiving).

And … it’s Friday!

Thinking about … how to decorate for the holidays. Miss Lucy is now 15 weeks old and – thanks to a fantastic first experience at the groomer on Wednesday – looking less like a puppy. but we’re not fooled. Marc put up the tree today and it took Lucy all of about 30 seconds to find a branch and a lightbulb. I wonder what she’d make of ornaments or a tree skirt? I’d already decided the poinsettias were out. still pondering the glittered pinecones. I’m sure we can decorate the mantels and put up the two tabletop trees. not sure what else makes sense?

Grateful for … this crew. We haven’t been together for Thanksgiving since 2016 (a few weeks after Sam was born). It was wonderful.

Inspired by … the beginning of Advent (this Sunday) to try finding some dark early quiet time again. I’m encouraged that Lucy is sleeping through the night and becoming a bit more predictable about her schedule. I haven’t spent any morning time in my study since before she came; I think it’s time.

Fun … and finished! a second sweater for Lucy. I went up a size and added a hole for her harness & leash (details on my Ravelry page here). Maybe there’s enough room in this one that it will last longer than six weeks?! also thank goodness it’s a quick knit!

and on that happy note – wishing you a weekend full of good things. xxoo.

12 thoughts on “TGIF | Late November.

  1. I love Lucy’s new sweater – she looks so grown up! And I love your pictures from Thanksgiving. I’m so glad you were all together this year. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Christmas decorations with a tiny pet are tricky! Last year Fred & George were tiny and, while curious, they didn’t bother with the Christmas decorations much. This year they are BIGGER and even MORE CURIOUS. So we shall see what happens. LOL

  3. So many reasons to smile in this post! Love the photo of George and Lucy and glad to see they’re getting along. And it’s amazing how much Lucy has changed in just a few weeks!

  4. Lucy is such a sweetheart! (I know . . . puppy antics . . . but in her photos, just a good-as-gold sweetheart.) I love her new red sweater, Mary. And your Thanksgiving celebration looks like it was perfect in every way. Good luck with your decorating this year. I recommend . . . making good use of your higher-up spaces! XO

  5. Love Lucy’s sweaters!! My Holly cat is five and I still decorate assuming she’s up to no good. (no hooks, no breakables, no heirlooms to destroy). She’s being very good this year so far!

  6. Lucy looks so darling and so sweet. I can’t imagine she would ever do anything wrong. LOTFL!

  7. Lucy is a charmer, no doubt about that. We have decided to not do any decorating this year! Mabel can and does get into EVERYTHING. And, anyway, we are going to TX for the holiday, so there is no point in decorating (but I will miss seeing our “stuff”). I’ll make do with candles on the table and festive tablecloths. Your Thanksgiving table is beautiful – love the tulips!

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