Looking Back | September & October.

Her memory for unhappiness and misery was terrible. Maybe she willed this into being and maybe it was neurological, but somehow I have inherited this tendency – of all my inheritances, it is my favorite, the most useful, though I do remember some grudges.

Elizabeth McCracken, The Hero of This Book

Oh boy, looking back at these two months side by side really highlights the changes that Lucy ushered in! It’s a whole new season … in every sense. September seems like a very long time ago; and I think I told most of those stories already. October was, of course, Lucy’s month. I didn’t share here very often, but you got the gist of that story. There was also baseball, a little lacrosse, and plenty of gorgeous weather and colors. The beautiful yellow background on the 27th was this

and these colors from the church parking lot on the 30th didn’t make the grid (Lucy has been many places, but not Sunday worship)

One photo wasn’t enough for Halloween. Lucy and I went over to see the boys in their costumes and she got to meet George (their now TWO year-old chocolate lab – who was a puppy at Christmas 2020). It feels like a real win when the boys pose for a photo … with a kiss!

I can’t say I have no memory for unhappiness or misery, but this practice makes those memories fade faster. and that’s maybe the sum total of my happy list right now!

I know this post is coming late, but celebrating happy is always good … what made your happy list these last two months?

10 thoughts on “Looking Back | September & October.

  1. I just made a very high-pitched noise at the photo of George and Lucy! Hard to believe that he was about her size only two years ago. And the boys — adorable! I’d say you’ve had a very full, very happy couple of months!

  2. Many happy moments during those months. I think the fall leaves this year were extra spectacular.

  3. September and October were delightful and picturesque, and I hope you enjoy a very Happy Birthday today!

  4. Autumn is full of so much beauty I try not to hold a grudge against winter as she comes in an stays for SO long. Seeing Lucy and George meet is so sweet. He must be a very calm dog to not scare her. Your life as been full of good things, Mary, especially with the intro of Lucy into your day.

  5. It looks as if your life is very rich and full. I am happy for you. The boys are getting so big. And posing with a kiss – you couldn’t ask for a better photo opportunity. I love the fall colors too.

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