TGIF | Early November.

Hello friends, happy Friday. already?! – I guess posting on a Thursday does make a Friday post seem like it comes quickly? Lucy is three months old today; she’s been home with us for over five weeks. and wow, time does fly when you’re having fun!

Here’s more of what’s going on right now:

Thinking about … what I want these last seven weeks of 2022 to hold. and paying attention to the invitations starting to whisper for the new year.

Grateful for … Marc’s 12-month PSA check came back … perfect! He now moves to checks every six months. I’m also grateful for the way Tuesday’s elections unfolded. not that I’m pleased with all the results (and ugh, another four weeks of campaigning here in Georgia), but I’m encouraged that abortion-restriction measures failed, candidates conceded losses, and our democracy survived.

Inspired by … my recent success with reading classics and my crush on Annie Jones who owns The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA to join her podcast’s – From the Front PorchPatreon community … where we will be reading Dickens’ The Bleak House for next year’s Conquer a Classic. I also ordered this gorgeous edition to grace my table during 2023 (and only a bit curious how birdcages are going to feature in the story?!)

Fun … Lucy at three months. pinecones and BIG sticks. sleeping through the night. fetch and tug-o-war. starting to find a potty schedule. hasn’t met a stranger. starting to love walks (the camellias at the top and bottom of this post are from a walk outside the neighborhood yesterday afternoon). curious. impervious to the rain, also to dirt, sticks, and leaves, even though her fur is like sticky velcro … not so fond of brushing or getting dried off.

Wishing y’all the best weekend available.

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  1. Great to see how things are coming together for you. Lucy settling in. Marc’s good report. I have my 6 month checkup for my PSA next Thursday. Flowers are beautiful. Hope our paths cross before your Beaufort visit.

  2. I’m so glad for Marc’s good test results! And it sounds like Lucy is settling in beautifully, she’s so stinking cute! I don’t remember much about Bleak House other than really liking it.

  3. Great news for Marc (and you)!
    Lucy! So cute and I remember the fun and all the playing! and silliness of the puppy years. Pine cones, sticks and velcro! I remember it well. (Still dealing with velcro.) So fun! Lucy the busy and the happy! And you look happy, too!

  4. I am delighted to hear about Marc’s perfect results! Lucy continues to be absolutely adorable — I am sorry I cannot cuddle her! I have not yet read Bleak House but did watch a miniseries several years ago, and as I recall, there is a character who keeps birds, lots of them. How is it possible there are only 7 weeks left in this year? It’s gone by much too quickly.

    1. Oh, and I meant to say that I’m sorry your Senate race still isn’t resolved and you will be bombarded by campaign ads into next month. Fingers crossed for Rev. Warnock!

  5. I’m very glad to hear Marc’s wonderful news! I do wish that the GA Senate race was settled, but I guess all things will be decided in good time. Is there a logical explanation for how close these candidates were? I can’t figure it out as they seem to be polar opposites to me, and success on the football field does not seem to mean that the candidate is a good one.

  6. I am happy to hear Marc’s good health report. Lucy continues to be the cutest puppy. It sounds as if you are all finding a routine with her. The flowers are beautiful.

  7. Marc’s results are the BEST news and Lucy is simply the CUTEST dog ever!!! Glad she is settling in and I cannot believe (con’t want to believe) there are only 7 weeks left in 2022. Not possible!!!

  8. YAY for Marc’s excellent report, Mary. Those scan/check-ups are so unnerving — and it’s especially nice when there’s good news at the end of the wait. XO
    (Also . . . Bleak House is SO GOOD.)

  9. I love puppyhood and yet it can be exasperating. Love seeing it through Lucy’s eyes and yes to sticks and pinecones 🙂 Marc continues to be on my daily prayer list, such good good news for you both!!!

  10. I’m very happy about Marc’s good news…I’m happy for both of you! I read many of Dickens’ books when I was in school, but not Bleak House.
    Lucy is adorable and I love seeing pictures of her! Hope you have a good week!

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